Course correction

By calling MPs names,Team Anna and now Baba Ramdev are losing their battle against corruption

Written by The Indian Express | Published: May 4, 2012 3:06 am

Course correction

* BY calling MPs names,Team Anna and now Baba Ramdev are losing their battle against corruption (‘Ramdev attacks MPs,calls them “murderers” ‘,IE,May 2). The MPs they charged as “murderers” and “dacoits” were elected by the voters. Why voters get lured into electing them is the root of the problem. Anna and Ramdev must enlighten voters about choosing the right candidates. However,so long as caste,money and muscle power continue to dictate electoral outcomes,it is futile to expect good representatives in Parliament.

— K.L. Khandekar


As expected

* THIS refers to ‘Low on street cred’ (IE,May 2). Standard & Poor’s downgrading of India should not come as a surprise. It was in the offing,or rather,we asked for it. The government’s reluctance to cut subsidies and usher in revenue generation measures is now costing the nation dearly. The finance minister has further queered the pitch by introducing a retrospective tax law,putting a damper on foreign investment. It is also troubling that the prime minister remains a mute spectator.

— Ashok Goswami


School order

* THE Punjab and Haryana High Court has directed all private schools to not enforce fee hikes without the permission of the concerned education board. It has also directed that only books published by the NCERT may be prescribed by schools (‘Schools can’t increase fees without Board nod,says HC’,IE,May 2). These directions which will give relief to parents. The government’s failure to spending on its own schools has forced children into private schools,which set their own terms.

— Brij Bhushan Goyal


Loyalty programme

* APROPOS ‘Spooks in Raj Bhavan’ (IE,April 30),the new governor of Uttarakhand,Aziz Qureshi,recently said his appointment is reward for his loyalty to the Nehru-Gandhi family. Expecting him to be politically neutral as governor is wishful thinking. The outdated system that enables the ruling party to appoint its favourites in constitutional posts needs to be changed.

— M.C. Joshi


Time for justice

* THE Supreme Court decision in the Patribhal case is saddening. Given the way the army has rewarded the accused with promotions after the alleged fake encounters and also protected them at various levels of the trial,a court martial will convince nobody. But the army still has a chance to justify the SC’s faith in it. I hope the army chooses a criminal trial. It will bring justice to the victims and boost the morale of Kashmiris,who generally distrust the army. This case also brings the focus back to AFSPA,which needs further deliberation.

— S.M. Ahmed


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