Clear the air

Written by The Indian Express | Published:March 16, 2012 3:59 am

Clear the air

A fluid situation has been created after the presentation of the railway budget (‘Hapless UPA watches Didi roll back Railway Minister’,IE,March 15). Since the budget is under consideration of Parliament,its outcome will be known in due course. Making confusing statements about the issue is not political prudence. There should always be clarity and transparency. People deserve to get accurate information,always.

— S.C. Vaid Greater Noida

Well done,Minister

This refers to the editorial ‘Derail Budget’ (IE,March 15). I welcome the moderate hike in rail fares proposed by Dinesh Trivedi. This was the need of the hour. Even the aam admi,who possesses mobile phones now,will not be much affected by the increase in general class fares. Mamata Banerjee’s adamant opposition to all schemes,whether FDI in retail,the NCTC,or others of national importance only indicates that she’s a serious threat to the survival of the government at the Centre.

— R.K. Kapoor Chandigarh

Dinesh Trivedi deserves applause for showing the courage to do the right thing by increasing railway fares. This is necessary,if we expect railways to modernise and become safer. It’s a shame that Mamata Banerjee has asked for the minister’s removal and a rollback of the hike.

— Ramanujam Chary


Kudos to Dinesh Trivedi for considering the nation over petty vote-bank politics. It’s pleasing to know that there are still a few such people left in Indian politics. “Leaders” are not worried about increase in freight charges,fuel price rise,etc,which actually affect the aam admi. More honest politicians like Trivedi are required in Indian politics to bring India back on track.

— N.R. Menon Kochi

Let PM do it

Given half-a-chance,Mamata Banerjee and her party can leave the railways bankrupt with their sense of populism. It’s time Banerjee were disabused of the impression that the railway ministry is her party’s property. This applies equally to parties like the DMK,who gifted the country the 2G scam. UPA 2 would do well to take away the railway ministry from the Trinamool’s grip,and let the 2012-13 rail budget,presented by Trivedi,be pursued in Parliament directly by the PM.

— Prasad Malladi


Didi,study economics

The railway minister was realistic in accepting the inevitable hike in fares in the direction recommended by the Sam Pitroda Committee. It will be unfortunate if,for his political will and courage,Dinesh Trivedi is indeed removed and the fare hike rolled back. A vicious Didi masquerading as the messiah of the common man is out to get political mileage by making an honest minister a scapegoat. Our politicians need to study the economics of the Indian Railways.

— K.C. Mehta


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