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The news of Indian industry making a remarkable recovery after the recession and registering a growth of 10.4 per cent in August is welcome....

Written by The Indian Express | Published:October 17, 2009 3:04 am

•The news of Indian industry making a remarkable recovery after the recession and registering a growth of 10.4 per cent in August is welcome. But it’s not known what the corresponding figure for the agricultural sector is. It’s the unsatisfactory performance of agriculture that has been weighing down overall growth in recent times,mostly due to bad planning and management in this sensitive area. The severe drought,followed by unprecedented floods,in several parts of the country has made the situation worse. Except fire-fighting,the government doesn’t seem to have done any long-term planning to boost the agricultural sector.

— Vijay Mohan



•Diwali is fully enjoyed by people of all age groups as they love the splendour and sparkle of fireworks. But each year,many people across the country suffers burns,loss of eyesight,damaged eardrums and other injuries,sometimes even leading to death. Property is also damaged by fireworks. Accidents from fireworks occur because of carelessness and ignorance. But these can certainly be avoided by observing some very simple precautions. Diwali should be the festival of hope and happiness. Let not our folly mar the happiness.

— Vinod C. Dixit


Wisdom of old

•It was good to read ‘Common cause with the commons’ by Minoti Chakravarty-Kaul (IE,October 16) on the work recognised by the Nobel prize for economics this year. It is heartening that globally the new economic thinking is giving due importance to problems of wise sharing and allocation of common resources. Such concepts were embedded in traditional communities and cultures.

Sensitive and sustainable use and allocation of our resources,which preserve biodiversity and nurture local ecosystems,are going to decide the future of mankind to a large extent. And we in developing countries especially need a political class wedded to such wisdom,keenly aware of the interdependent and collaborative nature of reality,and which can transform such knowledge into concrete political programmes.

— Jagrut Gadit


Judicious response

•With China making headlines in India,unfortunately not for healthy reasons,I wonder what best India can do at this moment. Perhaps India’s response,of not going beyond an unequivocal assertion of its position vis-à-vis the border issue with China,is prudent. Responding in similar tones to the Chinese could not only jeopardise the cordiality reached between the two countries but also annul the progress made so far. India has always held that bilateral issues need to be resolved through dialogue. However,this must not be construed as softness on our part.

— Ashwani Sharma


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