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The isolated Mr Putin

Shut out of the G7 meet, the Russian president retaliates — by attacking Hillary Clinton.

Published: June 7, 2014 12:49 am

Nary a day goes by without the exploits of Russian President Vladimir Putin being splashed across newspapers. When he is not busy petting predators — leopards, tigers, grizzlies and the like — into submission, Putin invites global condemnation by annexing territories and redrawing Europe’s boundaries. All in a day’s job for the flagrantly macho Putin, perhaps, but a cause for concern for former US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, who made the mistake of comparing, provocatively, his propensity to expand his country’s borders with one Adolf Hitler’s. Putin — described in the international press as “strongman”, “dictatorial” and “authoritarian” — evidently took strong exception. “It’s better not to argue with women”, he shot back in an interview.

Perhaps it should be no surprise that Putin, who has so assiduously cultivated an alpha male image, would embrace his inner sexist and unleash it upon Clinton and the world. It is, after all, in keeping with the fine patriarchal tradition of reducing a debate with a woman to her gender rather than addressing her argument on its merits. As a bonus, Putin ticked off another item on the ultra-macho checklist by misdirecting his pique over being excluded from the fancy party being thrown by the mean bullies who comprise the G7 towards a woman who dared criticise his actions, calling her “weak” while hurrying to assure us that “weakness is not the worst quality for a woman”. It was an exercise that met the highest standards of condescension. Putin should take a bow.

In the same interview, Putin promised that the interviewer and he would “laugh together at some good joke”. Here’s one: a head of state who makes terribly sexist remarks about a fellow politician says she has “never been too graceful in her statements”.

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  1. C
    Jun 7, 2014 at 2:13 am
    I agree, Putin is not ready to argue with women, specially when this woman is smarter than he will ever be, but also this woman for his super bad luck will soon be the President or the US, the most powerful woman in the world, lol. I am afraid Putin is so ignorant that he never heard about Margaret Tatcher, the Iron woman.Putin wished he had half the balls Margaret Tatcher had in her times. No one ever has told him being manly is not stealing lands, killing innocent animals, threatening homouals, beating to death women or putting Santa Claus in Jail. If he had being educated by Sesame Street his life and the course of Russis would have been so so different, maybe happier? or no sorry I mean Happy, just simple as they´ve never known what that word means, maybe because not so long ago, russians were still slaves.Oh sorry my mistake, RUSSIANS ARE STILL SLAVES.