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It does not befit a Union minister to speak too freely on affairs of the state.

By: Express News Service | Published: May 22, 2015 11:49 pm
Manohar Parrikar, 26/11 mumbai attack, 2008  mumbai attack, Narendra Modi,  mumbai terrorist attack, indian express editorial It does not befit a Union minister to speak too freely on affairs of the state.

At a media event on Thursday, Defence Minister Manohar Parrikar spoke of taking proactive steps to prevent a 26/11-like terror strike on India. He said that “you have to neutralise terrorist through terrorist only”. While commentators have often spoken about the use of covert operations against Pakistan, this is the first time that a senior cabinet minister has made such a statement in a public forum. The phrasing of the sentence, which openly talks of using terrorists, is bound to raise hackles internationally. In today’s world, no country can afford to be seen as a supporter of terrorism. India has always opposed terrorism in all forms and solicited the international community, since the early 1990s, to declare Pakistan as a state sponsor of terrorism. Moreover, during his foreign visits, Prime Minister Narendra Modi has repeatedly exhorted the global community to stand united against terrorism of every colour.

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The defence minister’s statement comes at a particularly unfortunate time because, in recent weeks, the Pakistan army and foreign office have publicly alleged that Indian intelligence agencies are behind all the terror incidents in that country. This is part of a long-running Pakistani campaign to create moral equivalence between India and Pakistan. Not only does the Pakistan army differentiate between “good” terrorists and “bad”, there is ample proof that the country has historically supported and continues to support “good” terrorists who target India. While Pakistan has alleged that India supports certain groups in Balochistan — and the Pakistani Taliban — it has never been able to provide any proof. This difference has given moral force to India’s argument against Pakistan in the global community. That is why, when former Prime Minister Manmohan Singh agreed to include Balochistan in the 2009 Sharm el-Sheikh joint declaration with Pakistan, it caused a  furore in Parliament. The current statement by the defence minister goes even further.

However, the question of using covert operations as part of the strategic toolkit belongs in a different debate. The immediate issue is that officials and ministers must be circumspect about security matters. The defence minister has erred by making a public statement and it may now require diplomatic efforts to undo the damage. This is not the first time that he has been injudicious in his pronouncements. He had earlier stated that former prime ministers have compromised national security, and that the crew of the Pakistani boat which sank on New Year’s Day had consumed cyanide. The defence minister should follow the example of his prime minister, who is an excellent communicator but holds his peace on controversial issues.

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  1. R
    Jun 5, 2015 at 3:40 am
    Parrikar should talk less and do more of "fighting terrorists with terrorists." He should actively help Balochi rebels who are fighting the stani occupation there. Give them money and material to fight for their independence - this should be a top covert national priority for India. No need to talk about it - just do it.
    1. S
      Jun 5, 2015 at 11:53 am
      This is what we call FMD
        Jun 7, 2015 at 5:23 pm
        What is your opinion?Now I have ni doubt in my mund that Chidambaram knows nothing about Defence, least about Finance and zero about politics. I wonder why Indian Express is allowing its pages to be misused by Chidambaram to propogate his worth less ideas