June 11, 1976, Forty Years Ago: Swaran Singh Panel

Prime Minister Indira Gandhi told the Soviet Union that nonaligned India “will be with you in the quest for peace”.

Published: June 11, 2016 12:03 am
Swaran Singh Panel, Swaran Singh Committee, Indira Gandhi, Moscow Meeting, Iraq, Syria, SYria Iraq, Iraq-syria tensions, Indian express fourty years ago news, indian express editorials A look at the front page of The Indian Express, published on June 11, 1976, Forty Years Ago.

In a report released to the media, leaders of the CPM-Ied eight-party front rejected the recommendations of the Swaran Singh Committee and submitted alternative recommendations for changes in the Constitution. The front wanted the sovereignty of the Lok Sabha to be supreme and the states to have greater autonomy.

Syria-Iraq Tension

A Syrian government spokesman said his country will take gurgent and appropriateh measures to face Iraqi troop movements along their joint border. The spokesman said the Iraqi move, which was officially announced the Baghdad government, the Palestinian revolution and gdid not help Arab proposals aimed at helping h.

Moscow Meetings

Prime Minister Indira Gandhi told the Soviet Union that nonaligned India “will be with you in the quest for peace”. to scholars and other public at a civic reception in Moscow, called the Soviet Union a “major factor for and development in the world”. India was confident that it will use its power and to make the world a more place to live in. “I hope that shall continue to march by side and in step with history, said to the thundering applause of her audience. She dwelt on the same theme during a she gave to the Soviet people on television. She praised under whose leadership the Soviet Union had taken many initiatives reducing tensions. She remembered his visit to India after the liberation of Goa and how forthrightly he had India’s action “at a time some countries were slandering us.”

Asians Remanded

Four young Asians were remanded in custody by a West London court on charges of fighting and making an affray in Southall. The incident took place against the background of the stabbing to death of an 18-year-old of South Asian origin.

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