Judged by history

Nation should seriously consider erecting a life-size statue of A.K. Antony and naming a road after him in New Delhi.

Published: March 7, 2014 1:32:07 am

* This refers to ‘Committee on insecurity’ by Shekhar Gupta (IE, March 4). The nation should seriously consider erecting a life-size statue of A.K. Antony and naming a road after him in New Delhi. We already have a statue of Krishna Menon and a road named after him in the capital. The incidental commonalities are that they are both from Kerala, served as Union defence minister, and are eminently forgettable. The only difference is that while Menon went down in history for doing the military “in”, Antony will be remembered for doing the military “out” by not doing anything at all. Give him another six months in office and there will be few, if any, aviation, armament or warship companies left to be blacklisted by the government. One hopes that his “unblemished” integrity can make up for our under-manned, under-equipped and under-valued armed forces. While it is at it, the defence ministry could do one more thing: erect Antony’s statue and move Menon’s to spots far away from Sena Bhawan. This will at least give the appearance of being respectful to the memory of the martyrs and national humiliation of 1962.
— S.G. Inamdar

Finally awake
* Apropos of ‘Ministers went on overdrive hours before model code’ (IE, March 6), the ministerial overdrive does not come as a surprise. Such last-minute announcements are often made by governments before the model code of conduct kicks in. However, the appointment of Sheila Dikshit as governor of Kerala, which was announced at 3.20 am, is unprecedented. Finding former governor Nikhil Kumar’s successor in
record time is one of Prime Minister Manmohan Singh’s biggest achievements.
— S.K. Gupta

A decisive moment
* This refers to the editorial ‘The big test’ (IE, March 6). The youth is set to decisively determine the outcome of this election, which will shake India up. They will voice their their anger and aspirations, and punish incompetent political leaders. The fact that the youth is not going to sit back and passively accept business-as-usual is clear from the December 16 gangrape protests and the mass movement against corruption.
— Jayasankar Thayyil

* The nine-phase Lok Sabha polls will finally start on April 7 and go on till May 12. While one understands the EC’s compulsion to stagger the polls, given the tremendously complex logistics involved, the fact that counting will only be held on May 16 means that many people who voted early will have to wait over a month for the results. Patience is a virtue.
— Gregory Fernandes

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