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Jobless Bond

Real MI6 chief wouldn’t hire 007, whose character is disappointingly dheela

By: Editorial | Published: October 29, 2016 12:09 am

He’s The Man With The Golden Gun, who beautiful women on movie screens have sighingly described as The Spy Who Loved Me. But all the fuss over legendary fictional spy James Bond, played by a plethora of Hollywood’s hunkiest heroes, from Sean Connery to Daniel Craig, hasn’t blown MI6’s current head, Alex Younger, off his feet. In fact, Younger is very far from applauding the guy with the GoldenEye. He says he wouldn’t even hire Bond — yes, James Bond — to work at the real MI6. That’s despite 007’s skills with guns, gadgets and gambling at glamorous casinos, proletarian or royale.

Younger’s no-no about giving Bond a naukri has fans wondering why. After decades of watching the iconic spy go wham and bam, you’d think Bond was the perfect template for MI6’s bright, young entrants. So, what’s nixed his own employment chances? Perhaps it was all those naughty romps on Her Majesty’s Secret Service, those quick-time kisses and the girls in every port?

As it turns out, in Younger’s stern eyes, Bond ka character definitely dheela hai — but he doesn’t mean his hectic private life. Instead, Younger clarified, to Bond fans and aspiring spies, that 007 is certainly intrepid, energetic and a desh-premi, but lacks the emotional quotient a good spy needs. Younger didn’t pull his punches there. “In contrast to James Bond,” he told an interviewer, “MI6 officers are not for taking moral short-cuts.” Even if those do save the world. Further, instead of doing the exact opposite of what their chief tells them, real spies value teamwork and respect ethics and the law — none of that Live and Let Die swagger then. Asli-wale spies don’t have a License to Kill, a revelation that’s left 007’s admirers shaken, if not stirred. Perhaps, facing such stiff rejection for the first time, Bond’s Quantum of Solace is that his adventures will stay For Your Eyes Only.

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