‘We will crush these elements in the electronic media if they continue to malign our image’

Excerpts from Union Home Minister Sushilkumar Shinde’s speech, delivered at a Youth Congress rally in Solapur, Maharashtra, on February 23.

Updated: February 26, 2014 10:22 am

Today the Congress is marching ahead under the young leadership of Rahul Gandhi. He is taking each and every section of society ahead on the path of development. He visited the houses of Dalits and Adivasis. He stayed there and tried to understand their problems. He wants to empower women. However, the opposition is not happy with this. They are trying to defame him as they did his father Rajiv Gandhi.

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The power of the youngsters is the real strength of the country. If the youth resolves, it can change the country for the better. The volunteers of the Youth Congress should take it upon themselves to foil the malicious designs of the opposition to malign the image of Rahul Gandhi and the Congress leadership.

Rahul insisted that the Lokpal bill be passed so as to rid the country of corruption. He made sure that the parties in the UPA alliance and others supported it. He must be given due credit for enacting the Lokpal Act. It is his big contribution to the country…

Presently some sections of the media have opened a front against us and they are trying to implement nasty designs against us. Since I am in charge of the intelligence department, I know from where this is coming. I keep an eye on these activities. And silently we have put in place mechanisms to check these activities.

Some three-four months ago, some people had launched a massive campaign against us. We will crush these elements in the electronic media if they continue with this tendency to malign our image. Those in the media should tell people good things that are happening and society will appreciate and congratulate them for that. But to malign somebody for the sake of votes, to portray incidents in a wrong way, pollute the environment and to incite communal riots is bad. The people of this country will never tolerate it. The media should keep this in mind… I am not a lightweight home minister. I will show firmness when needed. I said this in the Parliament at the time of the Telangana Bill.

Translated from Marathi

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  1. Santanu Sinha
    Feb 26, 2014 at 7:59 am
    Now a days, the leaders of various political parties are trying to malign the electronic media and social media. In all democratic country, the media can publish or broadcast their views. The consution of India provides freedom to all media. Freedom of speech is not only important in electronic media, but also all types of media. In Egypt, we can see how Egyptian military Government is prosecuting the seventeen journalists including three journalists belonging to Al-Jazeera recent days, Home minister of India Mr Shinde threatened electronic media to crush them for making news and discussion against Congress party. Monohar Parrikar, Chief Minister in Goa, BJP, humiliates by telling journalists are low paying workers, mostly graduates and not intellectual. The chief of Aam Aadmi Party alleged the nexus between Ambanis and media.During emergency in India, in the year 1975-77, censorship had been imposed on the newspapers. The leaders from all parties in India should learn from the debacle of congress party in LS election after emergency.Media has some duties. They should not publish or broadcast the paid news. Journalism is a noble job. Media should be balanced and they should publish or broadcast true and investigative story. Media should not mouth piece of any particular political party.