View From The Right: Shock therapy

Updated: October 5, 2016 1:55 pm

The editorial in Organiser comments on the “surgical strikes” and notes that the “Vijayadashmi arrived in Bharat even before the starting of Navaratri”. The swift but punitive action by Bharatiya Armed Forces across the LoC has certainly brought delight for the billions of minds,” it says. It notes that “Pakistan engaging in infiltration” is not new but “the heartening element is the way Bharat struck back as per time and place of our choosing”. Noting that “the operation needs to be lauded for at least three significant reasons,” it says that since 1998, Pakistan has been engaged in nuclear blackmailing.

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While the prime minister declared that “the martyrdom of 18 soldiers would not go in vain”, “the general impression was that of avoiding any military options”. However, the “DGMO in coordination with other agencies under the guidance of National Security Advisor was planning for punitive action”. The nuclear blackmailer has “got the shock therapy and terrorist outfits got the stern message,” it says. While “there is not a single reaction against Bharat, most of the neighbouring countries have hailed Bharat’s right to secure sovereignty”.

“This shows the strength of Bharat’s diplomatic manoeuvring skills,” it says, adding that “this is also a tight slap for the critics of Modi’s foreign visits”.

Balancing China

An article in Organiser says that “to counter what China is doing in Pakistan, the United States should play hardball by supporting the movement for an independent Baluchistan”.

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Beijing is understandably challenging a century of US dominance in the Pacific and the South China Sea,” it says, noting that “the aggressive effort to block Indian hegemony in South Asia, reflected in its growing ties with Pakistan and its territorial claim to the adjacent northeast state of Arunachal Pradesh (for which there is no historical basis) is more ominous”.

In contrast to its studied neutrality on the Kashmir issue in past decades, Beijing is now openly supportive of Pakistan and is establishing its economic and political influence both in Pakistan occupied Jammu & Kashmir (PoJK) and in the Himalayan state of Gilgit-Baltistan,” it says.

As the supplier of nuclear reactors for the Chashma complex and of fighter aircrafts for the Pakistan Air Force, Beijing increasingly rivals the US as a security partner for Pakistan.

The possibility of a direct armed conflict between India and China appears unlikely,” it notes, but says that “China’s alignment with Pakistan on India-Pakistan issues will make a reduction in tensions between New Delhi and Islamabad more difficult than ever”.

“By fuelling India-Pakistan tensions, Beijing plays into the hands of the growing Islamist menace in Pakistan,” it says.

Hindus in Kairana

An article in Panchjanya comments on the NHRC report on Kairana that says that “due to weak law and order, people of other communities (Hindus) migrated because of the 25,000-30,000 people (Muslims) who were displaced during the Muzaffarnagar riots and had come to Kairana”.

The NHRC team also sought the reason for migration from people living in other cities and states. It has written in its report that since the youths of this displaced community misbehaved with girls of the Hindu community, it led to fear among the latter and became a major reason for migration.

The commission has sent a notice to the chief secretary and DGP of UP and sought a detailed report on the matter in eight weeks.

The Kairana town of Shamli district was recently in the news when the local MP Hukum Singh “had made public a list of 346 Hindu families that had migrated due to the fear of the other community”.

He had also alleged that Hindus were deliberately targeted in Muslim-majority Kairana. After this, while the “seculars refuted the claims of the BJP MP”, some “Hindutva organisations wanted a probe into the issue”. The UP government had even said that no Hindu has migrated from Kairana, but had moved away for employment.

Compiled by Ashutosh Bhardwaj
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