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Written by Ravish Tiwari | Published: June 27, 2013 5:28 am


Even before the rescue operations in Uttarakhand have ended,the Sangh Parivar has highlighted the single “clear lesson”. Both its weeklies feature the floods as cover story and have carried editorials on the same. While the stories underscore how RSS workers have participated in relief operations,the editorials seek to blame human activity in the eco-sensitive Himalayan zone. “Nature does not tolerate exploitation for long and it ‘pays back with interest’ very soon,” says the editorial in the Organiser. “At least now,we will have to rethink the largescale construction of hydro-power projects in the Himalayas… allowing so many hydro-power projects… was a blunder,” says the Organiser.


As the reality of the BJP-JD(U) split hits home,a full-page article in the Organiser acknowledges that “when they have parted ways,both will try to count the failures of each other”. But it also asks “whether the collective achievements of the NDA government in Bihar are the achievements of the JD(U) alone”,asserting that the credit should be “shared” between the BJP and JD(U). “He (Nitish) has been trying to take away the credit for all the positive and people-friendly works… The credit for it goes to the collective efforts of the NDA…” says the article pointing out how some of the “main achievements in the state have been because of the ministers from the BJP”.


With Mohan Bhagwat’s intervention making the RSS’s role too obvious in papering over the cracks in the BJP,Panchjanya seeks to allay apprehensions about the RSS’s micro-management of the BJP. Countering an editorial in The Indian Express that suggested “it’s high time the RSS dropped the fiction of being apolitical and distant from BJP matters”,a full-page article by Sangh ideologue M.G. Vaidya dismisses the parallels drawn between Nagpur and 10,Janpath. It claims that the RSS has a “unique working style”,whereby it lends its workers to various affiliate organisations,including the BJP,but asserts that those organisations using the services of their volunteers remain “independent and autonomous”.

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