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View from the left: Looking ahead

An editorial in CPM journal People’s Democracy says, the people will determine the outcome of the election An editorial in CPM journal People’s Democracy says, the people will determine the outcome of the election
Written by Ruhi Tewari | Updated: March 12, 2014 12:14 am

Looking ahead

An editorial in CPM journal People’s Democracy has focused on the Lok Sabha polls beginning April 7, saying that they will be the “world’s largest democratic exercise”. It said that this election will have nearly a hundred million more voters than the last Lok Sabha election in 2009, making it a “gigantic exercise” for the country.

Sounding out a note of caution about the need to ensure free and fair polls, the editorial says the adequate deployment of observors “must be implemented scrupulously in order to prevent the large-scale intimidation of voters like… in the recent local body elections in the state of West Bengal”. It adds, “Though strictly the local body elections do not fall within the mandate of the EC, this experience should forewarn the EC to be extra vigilant. Further measures need to be taken to ensure that the spread of terror during the campaign period does not prevent voters from turning up to exercise their fundamental right due to fear.”

Emphasising the importance of curbing the “increasing use of money power”, it argues that this must be given “sufficient and special attention”. “More stringent measures must be undertaken against tendencies like ‘paid news’, doctored opinion polls, etc. A level playing field must be provided for all,” it adds. It concludes the people will determine the outcome of the election “on the basis of who will provide them much-needed relief from the relentlessly growing economic burdens imposed on them.”

Elections and economy

The CPI, in its journal, the New Age Weekly, has also discussed the Lok Sabha polls, saying that they come at a time when the economy is in the “doldrums” and there is widespread “hunger, unemployment and sky-rocketing price rise”. “This has happened due to the shameless pursuance of the policies of neo-liberalism by successive governments,” it claims.

It adds that apart from trying to get a “more corporate subservient regime”, the “secular democratic fabric” of the nation is also being attacked. “In such a situation, the coming electoral battle is for protecting the economic sovereignty of the country, for alternative pro-people policies, development whose gains are shared by all segments of the population, for a regime that alters the disastrous economic course of neo-liberalism to which both the major bourgeois political parties — the BJP and Congress — are fully committed,” it adds.

The editorial also argues that with regional parties asserting their strength, the coalition era is here to stay. “There is a need to mobilise political parties, particularly the secular regional parties, to project an alternative to both the Congress-led UPA and the BJP-led NDA. This is the task that requires a strong Left Block in the next Lok Sabha. [The] Left can and has to undertake this task to save the …continued »

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