Buying time

The setting up of a commission is a convenient way to keep people quiet.

Written by The Indian Express | Updated: January 9, 2014 9:43 pm

* This refers to the editorial ‘Going nowhere’ (IE,January 2). It is unfortunate how commissions of inquiry have become such farces. The setting up of a commission is a convenient way to keep people quiet. They are handy tools to buy time and divert people’s attention. The retired judges who head them seem to view them as convenient post-retirement opportunities,which come with enormous perks. Therefore,they generally go slow and adopt a lax attitude. The irony is that often,even the completed report of a commission is rejected by the government — such as was initially the case with the Adarsh commission.

— Ganapathi Bhat


Clean resolve

* This refers to ‘Govt cancels VVIP chopper deal’ (IE,January 2). The cancellation of the controversial defence deal to buy helicopters from AgustaWestland has been on the cards since allegations of bribery and kickbacks were published in the Express. Investigations in Italy had revealed that top executives of the company may have paid Indian government officials and air force officers to secure the deal. The names of top officers like former air chief S.P. Tyagi also cropped up in this regard. The termination of the deal at the beginning of the year only shows that the UPA government,worried after the assembly election results,has steeled its resolve to cleanse its stables and present a clean image to the public ahead of the general elections.

— N.J. Ravi Chander


Miles to go

* This refers to the editorial ‘Mother care’ (IE,January 2). It is appreciable that we have achieved the current maternal mortality rate even with our poor public health infrastructure. But we have to work harder than in the past at the grassroots level. State governments should consider opening good-quality primary healthcare centres through public-private partnerships at every gram panchayat.

— Chetan Anand Meena

New Delhi

Forgettable legacy

* This refers to the editorial ‘The resigned PM’ (IE,January 2). Manmohan Singh should have resigned long ago — when Rahul Gandhi chastised him,or when the coal scam pointed towards the PMO. But he remained glued to his chair. Nobody will be surprised if he resigns and lets Gandhi take charge. Unfortunately,his legacy of overseeing India’s economic liberalisation will soon be forgotten. He will be remembered more for his term as PM during UPA 2. He will be remembered as a leader who allowed the degeneration of policies and decisions to the extent that growth and development were seriously compromised.

— Ashok Goswami


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