An election without end

India’s well-oiled poll machinery is capable of completing the process much faster.

Updated: April 16, 2014 11:34 pm

By: Jawid Laiq

Ever since the election schedule was announced on March 5, the poll campaign has become more and more abusive by the day, routine administrative decisions have been put on hold and government functionaries have used the model code of conduct as an excuse to minimise their duties even further. Some municipal authorities have even ordained that potholed roads cannot be repaired, as this may be in violation of the model code of conduct.

At least part of the blame for the additional burdens foisted on hapless citizens can be directly attributed to the inordinately long period —  63 days —  set aside by the Election Commission for the poll process. Starting from March 5, it will carry on till May 16, when the votes polled in the 16th Lok Sabha election will be counted. Over the last three Lok Sabha polls, in 1999, 2004 and 2009, the EC increased election periods and became more intrusive in its diktats during those periods.

The current election is being held in nine phases, extending from April 7 to May 12, even longer than the last Lok Sabha election, which was held from April 16 to May 13, 2009.

The 2004 election was held between April 20 and May 10. In sharp contrast, Lok Sabha elections from 1957 to 1998 were completed within short spans of four to 18 days. The exceptions were the 1991 election, which was interrupted by the Rajiv Gandhi assassination, and the 1996 election, which was prolonged by the megalomania of T.N. Seshan, then the chief election commissioner.

While refining the electoral process, he also promoted himself to the position of commanding generalissimo during polls. He ended up as the Shiv Sena’s candidate for the 1997 presidential election and got few votes in the contest against K.R. Narayanan, who was chosen as head of state by an overwhelming majority. Traces of that megalomania seem to have rubbed off on some subsequent election commissioners.

This country has conducted 15 generally free and fair national elections since the first poll in 1951-1952, which did take four months. The credit goes to humble government functionaries, from schoolteachers and postmasters who update electoral rolls and supervise polling booths, to district magistrates who double as district polling officers, and finally to the election commissioners who successfully operate a well-oiled election machinery. There is no need for this experienced and efficient system to prolong the electoral process.

Security concerns and the growing size of the electorate are trotted out as excuses for lengthening poll schedules. It should be remembered that in the earlier decades of independence, the Indian state was fragile and its instruments of control were relatively weak, compared to the present robust Indian state with its hugely expanded bureaucracy and security forces. Yet elections were held within the time frame of a week or two from 1962 to 1989.

With phenomenal technological advances in modern communications and improvements in transport networks, our election machinery could now easily complete the entire process within a fortnight or less, if the spirit was willing.

Indonesia, the world’s third largest democracy after India and the United States, smoothly completed elections for its national and regional legislatures on April 9, a single day. Its previous elections, in April 2009, were also held on a single day. Geographically, Indonesia’s territory is far more daunting than India’s terrain.


The former is a vast archipelago of 6,000 inhabited islands, sprawled across 5,100 kilometres. India is mostly a land mass which extends 3,050 kilometres, from Kashmir to Kanyakumari. Like India, Indonesia is a polyglot nation with a vast array of ethnicities, cultures, religions and languages.

Brazil, a country with a forbidding terrain of remote forests and huge rivers, and almost three times the size of India, will also hold elections to national and state legislatures on a single day, October 5, 2014. The last such elections there were held on a single day as well, in October 2010. Brazilian and Indonesian polls are reputed to be as free and fair as our elections.

The writer has covered Lok Sabha elections since 1971 as a political correspondent

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    Apr 17, 2014 at 4:27 pm
    1172 LESSON 18414 WEDNESDAY FREE ONLINE E-Nālanda Research and Practice UNIVERSITYEmail me atawakenmedia.prabandhak@gmailchandrasekhara.tipitka@gmail:www.tehelka/decodin...ON 16-05-2014 THE WORLD WILL SEE THE WAVE OF AWAKEN ONE WITH AWARENESSBAHUJAN SAMAJ PARTY - A SILENT INTEGRATORBahujan Samaj Party "APPEAL" To Vote for "Sarvajan Hitaye & Sarvajan Sukhaye"In General Elections -2014Being Held In the CountryFor the 16th Lok SabhaKumari MayawatiNational PresidentBahujan Samaj PartyO, the poor, SC/STs, backwards, exploited, oppressed and the people of other neglected cles, rise and become rulers on the strength of your votes and yourselves achieve your cherished goalof "Social Transformation and Economic Emantion".National President of BSP movement and Icon of social transformation in the country Behen Ms. Mayawati Ji, who has been consistently advancing the caravan of the epoch-making person,who gave an epoch-making call of this kind, the architect of the Consution, hart Ratna and most revered Baba Saheb Dr. Bhimrao Ambedkar, offering glowing tributes to Baba saheb.Jai Bhim ! Jai Bharat !!Bahujan Samaj Party "APPEAL" To Vote for "Sarvajan Hitaye & Sarvajan Sukhaye"In General Elections -2014Being Held In the CountryFor the 16th Lok SabhaDear Friends, As is now known to everyone, BahujanSamaj Party" (BSP) is the only party in our country which "does not believe merelypromises, allurement or announcement etc.,but in demonstrating abundant volume of workin public interest and for public welfare." In other words, BSP believes in mantra of "deeds andnot merely words."Therefore, our party,unlike other political parties, does not issue any"Election Manifesto" of its in any election, rather issues only an "APPEAL" to vote for the BSPfor completing the incomplete work of thehumanistic movement of the great Sants, Gurusand Mahapurush (great men) born from timeto time in the "Bahujan Samaj" here in ourcountry, especially Mahatma Jyotiba Phule,Chhatrapati Shahuji Maharaj, Shri Narayana Guru, Baba Saheb Dr. Bhimrao Ambedkar andManyawar Shri Kanshi Ram Ji etc., by followingthe paths shown by them so that our party byshowing a good result in elections can occupythe seat of power and then through the "Master Key" of political power can make the life of thepoor people from the Sarva Samaj (all sectionsof society), as also others unhappy and oppressed by a castiest order "just happy,prosperous and dignifies", because about theimportance of the "Master Key of politicalpower" Baba Saheb Dr. Bhimrao Abedkarused to often say that "political power is thatone Master Key through which all the problemscan be solved, in other words, through thisMaster Key all the closed doors to your progressand prosperity can be opened." By following this very thinking ofParampujya Bab Saheb Dr.Bhimrao Ambedkar,our party is contesting these general electionsto 16th Lok Sabha on all the seats in most of the states of the country with full preparationon its own, in other words, our party has not inthis Lok Sabha elections entered intoany electoral alliance or understanding ofany kind with any party. But now the main question that ariseshere is why is it necessary for the general publicof the country not to vote for the "Congress" and the "BJP" and their allies, but to vote only for the "BSP" and strengthen this party of theirsall over the country? This main and essentialthing will have to be understood carefully. In this regard, it is our conviction thatthe BSP is the only political party in the countrythe "ideology, principles and policies" besides "work style" of which are in the greater interest of and for the full welfare of Sarva Samaj,in other words, the people of all the religionsand all castes; and, at the same time, it doeswell within time whatever it says in the interestof and for the welfare of the Sarva Samaj (allsections of society), whereas other political parties give a lot of urances and do verylittle work to translate them into realities, inother words, most of their work is confined toplanning on paper and is seldom seen or is atthe best seen incomplete at the ground level, aproper benefit of which is not able to reach thecommon people in a right manner. This is the main reason why as a resultof wrong policies of the government of the parties having a cattiest mindset no significantchange has come about even now, 66 years after independence in "social, educational and economic" condition of the " Bahujan Samaj",which comprises the Scheduled Castes (SCs),Scheduled Tribes (STs), other backward cles(OBCs) and the people of different communitiesand religions like the Sikhs, Muslims, Christians, Parsis and Buddhists etc., belonging to thereligious minority society, whose potion isaltogether about 85 percent of the country. And, I have spoken about wrong policiesof the governments of these opposition partieshere because in our country, in the centre and most of the states, governments of whicheverparties have been formed till date have been mostly formed with financial istance of bigcapitalists and super-rich (dhannaseth) , becauf which these parties after coming to power,frame each and every "economic policy" of theirrespective government in accordance with the interests of those very super-rich, in other words;they do not frame their economic policies with aview to removing sufferings and hardships of the poor and the general public here. Thus all these opposition parties, despite maintaining their separate idenies ,foster and promote only a particular kind ofbelief that is bases on "pro-capitalist" and theyhave common masters, who are big capitalistsand super-rich persons and industrialist, inother words, all these opposition parties andbig capitalists have been always complimentingeach other and they both take pride in helpin serving interests of each other, which is notat all pro-poor and pro-people. Their interest in removing sorrows and sufferings of the poor people and the general public is mostly a "sham and hypocrisy". Not only this, rather because of these very reasons "prices and unemployment"skyrocketing and have been continuouslyincreasing here as a result of which the vastpotion of the poor and the middle incomecl in the country for the teason of being the hardest hit are highly unhappy and stressed.This is the main reason why the economiccondition of the people of the "Bahujan Samaj"here along with that of particularly the poor people from the "avarna (Upper/High carte)Samaj" continues to be very bad even now. Keeping all these matters in view, we then by following the paths shown by ParampujyaBaba Saheb Dr. Bhimrao Ambedkar had to forma separate political party of ours by the nameof the "Bahujan Samaj party" (BSP) under the leadership of "Manyawar Shri Kanshi Ram Ji"on April 14, 1984, and now this party withlimitless love, sacrifices and cooperation of theSarva Samaj has become a prominent and important party at the "national level". And as it is known to all, the BhaujanSamaj Party (BSP) does not at all follow in the footsteps of the anti-poor and pro-capitalistsparties like the congress and the BJP, andrather than take money from capitalists andsuper-rich like other parties and work at their bidding, it is running its "humanisticmovement" all over the country by taking donation and membership subscription from its cadre, followers and supporters. By following the same principle, ourparty has also got an auious opportunity of forming its own government several times inthe most populous state of the country, UttarPradesh, and it has been the first and the onlygovernment in the country every policy of whichhas been framed by keeping in view the motoof "Sarvajan Hitaye and sarvajan Sukhaye"(Progress and Prosperity For All), which clearlyand perfectly reflects "Pro-sarvajan and pro-Sarva Samaj ideology and policies" of the BSP. Not only this, rather this party of oursby gradually expanding its m-base in theentire countrys now ensured victory of manyof its nominees and sent them as MPs toParliament and as Legislators in several stateemblies. besides, government has beenformed under the leadership of our party in UttarPradesh four times, ( first three times in the yearsof 1995, 1997, and 2002 for short periods butin the year of 2007 with an absolute majority for five years), and , all the four times the government of our party has in the matter of ensuring "development and justice" in the statetaken full care of interests and welfare of theSarva samaj, but we have also given firstpriority to those people of the "Bahujan samaj",who under the past governments have beenneglect here on a big scale particularly in the"social, educational and economic" field. And it is by taking serious note of thisthat the government of our (BSP) part in UttarPradesh in order to bring about judiciousimprovement in "social, educational andeconomic" condition of the people of the Bahujan Samaj consuted for the first time in the country separate "Welfare Department" for each of their segments and by selectingparticularly SC/ST majority villages in the stateon a priority basis under the Dr. ambedkar GramVikas Yojana ( Village Development Scheme) hasdone the work of covering them with necessary basic amenities of every kind and other worksof development also in a phased manner andthen with a view to making this scheme stillmore beneficial has made available a lot of fundsunder this ssheme and changes its name to"Baba Saheb Dr.Ambedkat Uttar Pradesh GramSabha Samagra Vikas Yojana" for all rounddevelopment of gramsabhas. Similarly in the name of Manyawar ShriKanshi Ram Ji, who advanced the stalled humanistic self-respect caravan of Baba sahib Dr. Bhimrao Ambedkar by imparting momentum to it, "Shahari Samagra Vika Yojana" (Urban allround development scheme) was devised andthrough this scheme, cities, towns and villages,big and small, of Uttar Pradesh were developedin a phased manner. But momentum could be imparted to all these works only by keeping in view limited economic resources of the state, andhad our government got adequate cooperationfrom the Central Government for all these welfareworks, still more and speedier benefit could have been made available to the deprived people. Besides by giving priority to particularly"SC/STs, exploited, other backward cles (OBCs)and religious minorities" from the Sarva samaj in Uttar pradesh,"two-room pucca houses"were given to the poor homeless from amongthem and by "allotting vacant government land" to helpless people for "farming";possession has also been ensured to them bythe BSP government, which has directlybeneed lakhs of poor people in Uttar pradesh. For promoting "Education"also, ourBSP government has for the first time in the countrygranted "scholarships" to children belonging tothe Scheduled Castes/Scheduled Tribes and likethem to the poor children of the other backward cles (OBCs) and of Muslim samaj in particularfrom the religious minorities and in accordance with increase in prices has "doubled" the ratesof the scholarships and also made arrangements for distributing these to students immediately after their admission. And at the same time, to help qualifying "poor students from thesecles for high ranking jobs", our governmenthas also made arrangements for giving them"free government coaching". Besides, for poor children from the "Savarna (Upper Caste) Samaj, along withthese cles in Uttar Pradesh, dawn of a new age in the field of higher and technical educationhas been ushered in under which an historic workhas been done for the first time to send suchchildren to other countries for higher educationat government expenditure to the newlyestablished world cl "Gautam Buddha University" in newly created Gautam Buddha Nagar District (Greater Noida near New Delhi). At the same time, giving priority to thedevelopment of people of Scheduledcastes and Scheduled Tribes, a provision wasmad for the first time for separate "25 percent fund" from the budget of the UttarPradesh government for them. Similarly, for creating a sense of security among the people of the "Bahujan samaj" in every district of Uttar Pradesh, a provision of "reservation" was madefor the first time in the country for makingofficers of the "police department" from their society as Station House Officers (SHO). Similarly, full care has been taken ofparticularly the people of the "Muslim Society" the largest segment of the religious minoritysociety, in Uttar Pradesh in every field. their educational and economic development and alsofull security of their life and property and religion were ensured. in addition, by includingeconomically backward people from the Muslimsociety in the list of the backward cl, our party'sgovernment for the first time made available to them "facility of reservation in governmentjobs and other fields" in Uttar Pradesh. A new initiative in the matter of "reservation" : In the matter of "reservation" also, we during all our terms in office i UttarPradesh have got cleared the backlog of"reservation" quota of people of the Scheduled castes(SCs)/Scheduled Tribes (STs) and the other backward cles (OBCs) pendingfor years in government services and other areasby conducting a spacial recruitment drive as a result of which the people of these cles got"permanent employment on a big scale"and a new kind of confidence was generatedamong the people of these cles. Besides, for making available the facilityof "reservation" in the areas like " hon'bleJudiciaary, council of ministers, Rajya Sabha,Legislative Councils and private sectors" etc., inthe country where it is not yet been madeavailable to the people of the Scheduled castes/Scheduled Tribes and the other backward cles by the Central Government, our party's struggle with the Central Government is relentlessly continuing. At the same time,relentless effort is being made by our party forsecuring the benefit of reservation in an additional way, keeping intact the provision ofreservation as fixed at present, to those peopleof the Scheduled Castes/Scheduled Tribes in thecountry who through religious conversion have become Christians or Muslims, by taking up withthe Central Government their inclusion also intothe list of Scheduled castes/Scheduled Tribes. Moreover, the governments of theCongress Party, BJP and other opposition partiesunder a well thought out conspiracy are engaged in an attempt to gradually finish the facility ofreservation, which the people of the ScheduledCastes (SCs)/ Scheduled Tribes (STs) and theother backward cles (OBCs) are getting ingovernment services in "government departments" and "insutions" at central andstate levels in the country becausee of tirelessefforts of most revered Bba Saheb Dr. Bhimrao Ambedkar, by handing these over to the "privatesector" on a big scale, when the facility ofreservation is not yet available to these cles in jobs at the central and state levels inthe private sector. And in such a situation, a daywill come when the entire consutional facilityof reservation for these cles will automaticallycome to an end. Our party is very "serious andworried" over this matter and in this regard thepeople of these cles all over the country alsoneed to be very "alert and vigilant". In this context, it is the believe of our partythat this consutional facility of reservation ofthe people of SCs/STs and OBCs can remain secure and this facility can be secured for themin the areas where it is not yet available only when these people form a government of theirown party, BSP, in the country, in the Centrealso along with that in the states and an"incontrovertible proof" of this is the formationof our party's government in Uttar Pradesh as the BSP's is the first and the only governmentin the country to have ensured "full guarantee"of keeping intact the existing facility of reservation even after the handing over of any"government department" and "insution" inUttar Pradesh to the private sector. At the same time, our party in the matter of reservation has for the first time made aprovision that if the works of government departments are given to any "private insution" or "individual" on contract, then the same percentage of reservation would continueto be given to the people of the SCs, Sts and the OBCs cles as they have been getting ingovernment departments. At the same time, our party in the matterof "reservation" all over the country is a votaryof providing separate reservation to the poorpeople from the Savarna (Upper caste)society on an economic basis, which wouldhave to be implemented only by the "CentralGovernment" by amending the Country's Consution. Therefore, several times letters have been written by the government of ourparty to the Government for giving separatereservation to these cles on an economic basis, but this suggestion of ourshas not so far been accepted by the CentralGovernment of any party. But in this regard, I wish to ure thepeople of the "Savarna Society" that when agovernment of our party is formed, then ourparty's government would make a meaningfulattempt to remove their poverty andunemployment also by certainly makingavailable the facility of reservation to themwithout being asked by them to do so. And evenotherwise it is known to you people about thework style of our party that our party does what it says, in other words, there is no differencebetween ertions and deeds of our party, thisis known to all by now.
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    Apr 17, 2014 at 4:27 pm
    My party's government has also beenfully sensitive and serious over "Social Security" benefits to the people along withConsutional facility of "reservation". Therefore,we have increased the amount of old age/farmerpension from Rs.150 to Rs.300. At the sametime, may party's government promptlyincreased the daily wages of "labourers" fromRs.58 to Rs. 100 as they are the most poor and weaker section and mostly come in thecategory of "agricultural "labourers" and to whomno attention had ever been paid earlier becauf their having been not organized. At the same time, our BSP governmentin Uttar Pradesh has instead of giving"unemployment allowance" provided the youthswith an opportunity to live with self-respect and self-reliance by providing them with "opportunity of permanent employment" addition to these, my part's government hastaken full care of interests of the poor andunemplo people from the Sarva samaj asalso "farmers", "workers", "traders" and the people engaged in other occupations and has taken many important decisions in their interests. Along with these works, our party's government in Uttar pradesh has given fullrespect and honor to great Sants, Gurus andMahapurush ( great men) born from time totime in the Bahujan Samaj by creating several"new districts, universities, hospitals and museums and many other important places" were named after them. Here, I also wish to say it that thepeole of SCs/STs, backward and other neglected samaj (cles) have been victimsof excesses and atrocities of various kindsperpetrated by the people having a cattiest mindset since independence till date and theyare "not getting full justice" in time and in a proper and satisfactory manner. But our partyon coming to power in the Centre would not at all allow "injustice and exploitation" of any kindto any cl of the society and would do" Justice to all" and by fully establishing a"Rule of Law By Law" in the entire in Uttar Pradesh and would thereby create an "atmosphere free from injustice, crime, exploitation and fear" At the same time, because of absence ofadequate development and rampant injustice,exploitation, poverty and wretched conditionacross the regions in our country, the people areadopting the path of "Naxalism", and Centreand the state governments have not yet givenproper attention towards them, but our partyimmediately on uming power in the Centrewould make every possible effort to find a "lasting solution" to all their problems and will also make fullest effort to bring them into the mainstreamof development process by providing them theopportunity of "permanent employment". Besides, "terrorism" has grown to bebig challenge before our country over the past few years, the main reason of which areweaknesses of the Central Government and alsowhichever party is in power also has to someextent a vested political interest in it. But ourparty on coming to power in the Centre would pay full attention towards this also. As far the question of the NationalRural Employment Guarantee Scheme isconcerned, there is a provision of providingemployment for only 100 out of 365 days in a year under the scheme and that too for onlyone unemplo member of a family. But oncoming to power in then Centre, we will run sucha scheme for the poor and needy people livingin rural areas all over the country as wouldensure for them "employment throughout theyear, i.e., all the 365 days of a year" by restructuring/rationalising various existingwelfare schemes. At the same time, it is also no secret toanyone that during the long rule of over 63 years of the Congress and the BJP and their supporting parties, "farm, farming and farmers" havebeen neglected in a big way; in other words, inthe process of encouraging big/heavy industriesunder the governments of these parties seriousnegligence has been shown towards interests and welfare of "farming sector and farmers". Not only this, rather persisting in thiscattiest and feudal mindset even now, theCentral Government led by the Congress partyannounced only a few concessions in the budgetfor 2007-08 to benefit a handful of big farmers.Such announcements are generally made beforeelections because of which their real benefit does accrue to the people. At the same time, no concern is shownfor crores of such farmers in the country who aregroaning under loan at exorbitant rates ofinterests from money lenders. They consute about 46 per cent of total number of farmers andneed government istance to the maximum sothat they could be prevented from committingsuicides. But the Central and the state governments have done nothing to improve the wretched lots of crores of families and farmers. Another bitter truth in this process is thatthe land of the poor and helpless people havebeen acquired for setting up big/heavy industries, but they have not been given jobsof even the lowest order in those industriesbecause of which the life of the people of the"Adivasi (Scheduled Tribe) Samaj" inparticular has become still more difficult. During the rule of the Congress and the BJP, this is theheight of exploitation, but our party wants tomake "farming a dignified occupation". Not only that, our path wants to seethe life of farmers as happy and prosperous.Our BSP government in its very first year hadbegan work on an extremely ambitious "Ganga Express-Way" , from NOIDA (New Delhi) toBallia, bordering Bihar which could have turnedaround the face and fortunes of about half the'state and at the same time could have improvedthe fate of farmers on a big scale, but it did notget adequate cooperation from the Central Government for this high ambitious project. Besides, a proper use would be made of "Natural Resources" in the country forimprovement in the economic condition of the people."Good and proper use of natural resources" in the full and honest naturalinterest can play big role in improving thestandard of life of the people here. We are infavor of providing solution to the problem ofunemployment at the local level by making"optimum use small resources" of the area itself. At the same time, of the land fit for cultivationand lying vacant with the governmentin the entire country, which is not being used,such "fallow land" at the rate of "3 acres would be distributed free" on the pattern of Uttar Pradesh for cultivation to the people of the SarvaSamaj by giving priority to the poor and unemplo peole of the SC/s/STs and backward cles. Not only this, rather villages, kasbas,towns and big cities in the entire country would be developed on the pattern of the "Dr.Ambedkar Gram Vikas Yojana" and the "Manyawar Kanshi Ram Ji Shahari Samagra Vikas Yojana" devised in Uttar Pradesh. Thus, our party after coming to power in the Centre would frame the "Economic Policy" of the country in every field by keeping in view interests of the Sarva Samaj for then only can our party's dream of "Sarvajan Hitayeand Sarvajan Sukhaye" be realized. At the same time, our every economic policy would bedesigned to reach "proper benefit to the generalpublic", and it will not be of a kind that makesthe "rich richer and the poor poorer" as hasbeen happening during the rule of the Congress,the BJP and their supporting parties so far. Besides, on coming to power in the Centre, our government's "Foreign Policy" inevery respect would be absolutely in the fullinterest of Sarva samajand the country; in other words, while framing foreign policy andreaching international agreements special carewould be taken of the security of the countryas also of the country's honour,self-respect andsovereignty, it would not be mortgaged the wayit was done by the Congress-led UPAGovernment while entering into the Indo-American Nuclear Deal in the year of 2008. In brief, it is the contention of our partythat if the people of the "Bahujan Samaj and the Upper Caste Samaj" wish to create all overthe country an atmosphere akin to that ensuresby the BSP government of Uttar Pradesh bysecuring for the people a "life of self-respect",they would have to take the"Master Key of political power" into their own hands byshowing a good result in the Lok Sabha generalelections being held in the country now. But for achieving success in this, theywould certainly have to be alert against "manytactics like "Saam, Daam, Dand, Bhedh"(cajolery, inducement, coercion, divisivepolitics) etc., of opposition parties becaupposition parties can go to any extent to harmour party and its electoral prospect. And in this regard, opposition partieswould make fullest efforts to see to it that ourparty cannot at any cost get the votes of the people of Upper caste society , and for this,opposition parties may also try to present adistorted picture about our party's "ideology andpolicies", whereas the ideologies and policies ofour party are not against any caste and religion,rather the "BSP wishes to unite in a spirit ofbrotherhood the people fragmented in this country on the basis of caste and vans in order to establish here a 'humanity-based Equalitarian Social Order', which is in fullest interest of theSarva samaj and the country an in which allthe people are equal and share mutual fraternal feelings, then only the inequitable social order prevalent in the country be uprooted. And if in this missionary work of "Social Transformation", the people of the "Upper caste society" also along with the "BahujanSamaj" extend their cooperation, doors wouldbe found open for such people for admission toand advancement in the Bahujan Samaj Party. In this regard, I also wish to make it, clearhere that had the "ideology and policies" of ourparty been against the "Upper Caste Samaj", why would our party have kept the people of thesecl at the national and state levels in its organizations? Also, why would it have fielded them in the Lok sabha and embly electionson its tickets and given them respectable positionof ministers on formation of its government in Uttar Pradesh? In other words, the ideology and allthe policies of our party are pro-Sarva Samajand based on the ideal humanistic principle of"Sarvajan Hitaye and Sarvajan Sukhaye". Besides, also wish to make it clear, here about the "ideology and policies" of that BSP that an "Equalitarian Social Order" is not going to be established in the country by organizing only the people of the "Bahujan Samaj" alone. For this,we would also have to take along the Upper casteHindus on the basis of "social brothrhood" bychanging their cattiest mindset, then only an "Equalitarian Social Order" in a real sense, inaccordance with the thinking of the architect ofCountry's Consution Baba Saheb Dr. Bhimrao Ambedkar, can be established in our country, andit is only after this that the Sarva Samaj can befully united and divisions of "high" and "low" andcaste and creed can come to an end in the societyhere for ever and then only the people can get full opportunity of advancing in every walk of life. But the BSP people would have to bear this in mind that the Congress, BJP and theirsupporting parties will not allow our party to come to power so easily here in the Centre and to prevent our party from com in to power in the Centre all the opposition parties will use "tactics of every kind like cajolery, inducement, coercion, divisive politicsetc.," and the party people would have to be very alert against it at every step. What is meant is that at the time of the Lok Sabha general elections being held in thecountry, all the opposition parties can influenceyour votes by misleading you with "inducementsand urances" of various kinds. For this reason,it is my advice to BSP supporters and well wishersthat you have to be fully alert against all kinds of tactics emplo by the Congress, BJP andtheir allies during the elections. And in this regard, what merits particularattention here is that whenever these opposition parties have there governments in the Centre and the states, then for the first 3-4 years they donot bother even a little bit about the interests ofthe Scheduled Castes, Scheduled Tribes, other backward cles (OBCs), religious minorities andthe poor and unemplo people from the Upper castes and farmers, workers, traders, employeesand the people engaged in other occupations, but when the time of elections comes close the interests of these cles suddenly come to the mind of these opposition parties and then these parties start using "electoral tactics" of differentkinds such as making many populist laws andrules in their interests, distributing scholarships,cheap wheat and rice and other populist reliefacts of various kinds. But once the elections are over, these opposition parties treat these laws and rules as garbage and discard them in the garbage bin and the work of relief etc., then comes to an end until the next elections. Besides, attempts could also be made by thé opposition par ties during the elections to garnersyour votes by spreading rumors of different kinds against which also our party people need to be extremely vigilant. At the same time, it isalso my "APPEAL" to the people andsympathisers of BSP that "you remain fully alert ,your vote is invaluable, ensure that none of yourvotes can be purchased nor could be looted.Neither it is left uncast nor it is misused by anyselfish element ensnare you in the name of casteand creed, by using money power or by incitingfeelings over the issue of temple and mosque,in other words, you have to defend democracywith all your might. Therefore, in the interest of Sarva Samaj, your respective state and country,you have to entrust power in the centre into the hands of the right party, that is Bahujan SamajParty (BSP) so that the party's governmentthrough this power can frame each one of its policies in every walk of life in accordance with the principle of "Sarvajan Hitaye and Sarvajan Sukhaye i.e., Progress and Prosperity For All" and thereby make the lifeof the "Bahujan Samaj and poor and unemplo people from Upper/high caste society happy and prosperous in a dignified manner."In the end keeping all these matters inview, I make this "APPEAL" to all the supporters,followers and well wishers of the BSP that theyshould not be misled by any populist promisesmade in the "election manifestos" of opposition parties, in other words, they should act only onthis "APPEAL" of their own party and mustmake all the BSP candidates in this generalelections being held for the Lok Sabha victoriousby pressing the button facing the B.S.P. election symbol "Elephant"of their party. I fully havethis expectation from the people of my party,its supporters and well wishers.Jai Bhim, Jai BharatAppeal by (Kumari Mayawati)National President,Bahujan Samaj Party (BSP)Dr. Bhimrao Ambedkar Samajik Parivarthan Sthal, an architectural marvel builtby Behen Mayawati Jigovernment of Uttar Pradeshat the Bank of river Gomti inrespect and honour of Sants,Gurus and Mahapurush(Great men) born in SC/ST and Other Backward Cles (OBC) samajManyawar Shri Kanshi Ram Ji Smarak Sthal, Lucknow at the VVIPRoad is dedicated to ShriKanshi ram Ji, who devoted his life andsacrificed a lot to givemomentum to humanistic'Self-Respect' movementwhich was stalled afterthe demise of BabasahebDr. Bhimrao Ambedkar.Gautam Buddha University, NOIDA,Gautam Buddha Nagardistrict near nationalcapital New Delhi is aninsution of high andadvance learning wherepoor students of SC/ST,OBCs, religious minoritiesand upper caste samajwere given opportunity togo for higher studies inEurope and America.Manyawar Shri Kanshi Ram Ji Urban Poor Housing SchemeLakhs of urban poor families belonging toSarva samaj were given their own puccahome under highlyambitious "Manyawar Shri Kanshi Ram Ji Urban Poor Housing Scheme" by BehenMayawati Ji Govt. inUttar Pradesh. Ideology and policies of B.S.P. are genuinely pro-people and in the full interestof Sarva Samaj, all sections of the society asit is based upon cherished humanistic goal of "Sarvajan Hitaye and Sarvajan Sukhaye(Progress and Prosperity For All)"Ensure victory of B.S.P. candidatesby pressing the button facing theB.S.P. election symbol "Elephant"in Electronic Voting Machines (EVMs)Ideny of B.S.P. is the Blue Flag and elephant Symbol
  3. R
    Radhey Gupta
    Apr 29, 2014 at 8:18 pm
    I agree, the writer has put the points quite well. The nation is Headless for more than two months. No governance. I think its quite a cost to us Indians.