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Advani and Modi

Commenting on the brief but thrilling drama in the BJP,Rashtriya Sahara (June 12) writes: “L.K. Advani asked the BJP president,Rajnath Singh

Written by Seema Chishti | Published: June 14, 2013 12:47 am

Advani and Modi

Commenting on the brief but thrilling drama in the BJP,Rashtriya Sahara (June 12) writes: “L.K. Advani asked the BJP president,Rajnath Singh,to issue a statement about the withdrawal of his resignation from all party posts after getting assurances on two conditions: no decision on the issue of party’s prime ministerial candidate at this time,with the decision deferred and only to be made after discussions between BJP leaders and its allies; and that he should be included in the decision-making process on all issues. Advani’s absence from the media and no statement being issued under his signature clearly shows that Advani has bent under compulsion and now,there will be a cold war in the BJP.”

The daily Inquilab,in its editorial on June 12,writes: “Everyone knows that Advani was angry,but not for the reasons mentioned in his letter of resignation. He did not hold a grudge against Modi because there is no difference in the two leaders’ mindsets. The real reason for his anger was that Modi’s elevation appeared to come at the cost of his own urges and aspirations. In his view,he has the first right on the NDA’s candidate for PM… Because of this,he was alienated from Modi and angry with the party. If he had been assured he would become PM if the NDA came to power,irrespective of Modi’s elevation to any position,he would not have objected to any decision of the party.”

In a commentary,the recently launched daily Aziz-ul-Hind,edited by former Rashtriya Sahara editor Aziz Burney,writes: “If Advani’s resignation is viewed in light of past incidents,it emerges that the RSS had raised serious objections to his description of Jinnah as a secular person and a symbol of Hindu-Muslim unity and demanded his resignation. But at that time,the BJP was not in a position to treat Advani in the same manner as Jaswant Singh

Commission Report

The daily Siasat,in its editorial on June 6,writes: “The responsibility of the UP government has increased now,and it should study the report of the commission it constituted and take immediate action on its recommendations… Now that the UP government has accepted the Nimesh Commission report,the question is if it can gather the courage to act on it.”

Delhi-based daily Jadeed Khabar,in its editorial on June 7,writes: “All political and religious organisations,particularly Muslim organisations,and secular parties should make a realistic appraisal of terror and indiscriminate arrests of Muslim young men and present it to the government.” Sahafat,in an editorial on June 5,writes: “The state government’s problem is that the police officers who have been named include the DG,the ADG and two IPS rank officers. Any action against such senior officers might create restlessness among the police force,thinks the government.”

It’s just not cricket

Rashtriya Sahara (June 6) has expressed regret that “the natural beauty of cricket is in danger.” It writes: “It was thought that after the arrest of three Rajasthan Royals players and some bookies,the corruption scandal would be put to rest. But new revelations indicate that the the scandal is spreading. While defending the BCCI,cricket idols like Sunil Gavaskar and Ravi Shastri forgot that the real source… is the BCCI itself… Now it is known that captain M.S. Dhoni has also come under the shadow of doubt.” Jamaat-e-Islami’s biweekly,Daawat,in its main front-page commentary on June 7,writes: “Now,the place of Srinivasan would be taken by Jagmohan Dalmiya,a former president of the BCCI. There are allegations of different types against him as well. He had,in fact,been eased out of his post following charges of irregularities during the World Cup of 1996. It can thus be imagined how clean his image is and what the possibility of an unbiased and transparent investigation with him at the BCCI will be.”

Compiled by Seema Chishti

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