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It is time to throw away Manik and choose HIRA: PM Modi in Tripura

"This election is not being fought by BJP. The youth are fighting this election to ensure they have jobs. The state employees are fighting it so that they can get the 7th Pay Commission," PM Narendra Modi said in Tripura.

By: Express News Service | Sonamura (tripura) | Updated: February 9, 2018 9:17 am
Prime Minister Narendra Modi flanked by Assam minister Himanta Biswa Sarma (right) and Ramapada Jamatia (left), who heads a powerful tribal body Jamatia Hoda, in Sonamura on the outskirts of Agartala on Thursday. (Photo: Abhishek Saha)

Prime Minister Narendra Modi told an election rally at Sonamura, near Agartala, on Thursday that people should throw away the “Manik” (gemstone) and choose the “HIRA” (diamond). He was referring to the BJP’s promise of highways, internet, roadways and airways, as opposed to the “era of darkness” under the Left.

Attacking the Manik Sarkar government during his maiden rally for the Tripura elections, Modi said: “It is as if an astrologer has given you a Manik (gemstone) to wear and it has turned out to be the wrong Manik. So while the country develops, achhe din has never come to Tripura. It is time to take off the wrong Manik and instead I offer you a HIRA — Highway, I-way, Railway and Airways.”

Stating that the BJP was fighting this election on the platform of “Transformation through Transportation”, the PM said, “We will make sure that you have all the facilities of better roads across the state and highways to link you to the rest of India. We will make sure there are more trains and rail tracks and a better airport. It was Vajpayee who started the DONER ministry because he knew how important the Northeast was. If Tripura doesn’t develop, the country’s development remains lopsided….The different communities of Tripura will be taken care of and we will preserve their individual cultures and character.”

Modi said the people in Tripura were oppressed and living in fear. “For the last 25 years you have been living in a mayajaal (illusion)… People outside have only been shown the white kurta and the bank account. But they don’t know of the black deeds that have taken place here. It is time to bring Tripura out of an era of darkness and on to the path of progress…. Do the farmers get their fair share?… Do the mazdoors get basic rights? The Communists have been sitting here for 25 years but have not done anything to benefit anyone but have rather taken away the dignity of people,” he said.

Modi tripura rally

“People of Tripura are so oppressed and so afraid of them that they cannot demand anything or raise their voice…. Democracy is only seen during elections, not during governance…. Their tradition is to run the state with a stick.”

He said the BJP government would digitise all information. “So you have no reason to fear anymore. People stay quiet here out of fear that if they criticise the government or raise demands, then they will lose their jobs. For them the government and the party are the same. If this government is so clean,

I would like to know what this Rose Valley is? Tripura’s poor were looted to fund this. People have killed themselves because of this scam. Does this government not need to be punished?

“You have to go to the ‘lal salaam’ people before you go to the police to lodge a complaint. Even for ration you need permission from the Communists. This is the slavery of the new era,” Modi said.

Narendra Modi tripura rally Prime Minister Narendra Modi said the BJP was fighting this election on the platform of ‘transformation through transportation’. (File Photo)

Amid cries of “Modi Modi’’ and “Chalo Paltai” (let’s bring change, the BJP’s poll slogan), the PM said the rest of the country could not imagine the “revolution” that was taking place for a change in government. “A new era of development awaits Tripura. This is the land of Devi Tripura and I fold my hands before her…. I fold my hands before the Maharajas like Bir Bikram of Tripura,’’ he said. In an earlier visit, BJP chief Amit Shah had said the party planned to name the Agartala airport after the Maharaja, and would confer the Bharat Ratna on him.

The PM said, “This election is not being fought by the BJP. This election is not even being fought by its allies like the IPFT. It is being fought by the people of Tripura. The youth are fighting this election to ensure they have jobs. The state employees are fighting it so that they can get the Seventh Pay Commission.”

The tea grown in Tripura is very famous, he said, adding that three more Ts have to be adopted for prosperity and development: “T for trade, T for tourism and T for training, especially for the youth, are the need of the hour.”

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  1. Babita Sarkar
    Feb 9, 2018 at 9:54 am
    At first,yes I respect our pm. And m a first voter in tripura I want to know that everyone say chalo paltai but they wants .. But if they hv not enough marks fr get .. How can u give them ?? If want chng thn Do everything before vote.. Thn we believe that no every promises r real.. Now m 19 year old. And m tottaly free.I live my life with freedom thr r no pblm indent of me in rllng party. But yes ipft want chng but we can't say that Manik sir has a lot of work about them (trival). In tripura today we see lots of tribal to do . And yes they alligble fr 4th thr If Manik sir s every unemployed gvrmnt. and they r not eligible for Thn one say u will say he did wrong work. But wht he can do he is a CM of tripura with is a state or ur a pm of India. Modi ji is very powerful but CM hv lil bt thn pm.. Thats why we can't blm him.Let's see G salute Manik sarkar (CM) 😙 And I also love u as a pm of our India modi ji
    1. K
      Feb 9, 2018 at 7:52 am
      Tripura has become most undeveloped state inns country without roads, severe unemployment, no water, no s, no cultivation, no health facilities, nontranaportaion under CPM rule of 15 years. Employees are removed from service, pay commissions are not implemente, Tribal areas are grossly neglected. People understood and appreciated the policies of BJP in the NE states. Now ( IPTF) they joined hands with BJP (51-9) to see that they also develop along with other states. A welcome sign. The fight is one-to-one (CPM Vs BJP). Congress and TMCs are wiped out before elections itself. Their fight is symbolic as all these leaders have either joined BJP are supporting BJP. During last 3 years NE states are developing under BJP/ NDA. Bridges are constructed, roads r laid, agriculture is developed, education ins utions r establishes and many more. It is time Tripura also changes the ruling party. "Chalo paltai".
      1. Saurabh Political
        Feb 9, 2018 at 5:09 am
        Here is a nickname in the honour of lies spread by BJP under his leadership . LIC - Liar-In-Chief. He deliberately withheld his promises to Andhra Pradesh and has the gall to hold hostage the people of Tripura to the 7th Pay Commission! The threats are empty like their words. They must pay through their nose - a la Sutra Neti to cleanse their sin of accumulated lies before they may take another breath to make another promise. The Goddess takes no hostages.
        1. E
          Feb 9, 2018 at 5:06 am
          Part time PM full time tourist and RSS pracharak.. greatest sri Narendrabhai Damodardas Modiji
          1. BELFORT METRO
            Feb 9, 2018 at 3:05 am
            he can fooled anyone with his emotional speeches HATES OF TO U
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