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Short course: More young women diagnosed with advanced cancers

More young women diagnosed with advanced cancers

Written by Agencies | Published: March 2, 2013 12:59 am

More young women diagnosed with advanced cancers

More young women are being diagnosed with advanced,metastatic breast cancer than were three decades ago,a new study suggests. One in 173 women will develop breast cancer before she turns 40,researchers said,and the prognosis tends to be worse for younger patients. The new study found the rate of metastatic breast cancer,in particular,rose about two percent each year between 1976 and 2009 among younger women. Lifestyle-related risk factor,environmental toxic exposure,overeating and lack of exercise maybe driving up early-life metastatic breast cancer rates.

The study suggests,“Women need to notice changes in their bodies – breast lumps,feeling bad,and promptly seek medical attention for those”.

No Vitamin D,Calcium for older bones

A government task force recently recommended that healthy postmenopausal women should avoid taking low daily doses of vitamin D and calcium to ward off bone fractures. An expert panel characterised low doses as 400 international units or less of vitamin D and 1,000 milligrams or less of calcium. Taking those amounts daily,the panel wrote,“has no net benefit for primary prevention of fractures.” But there is good evidence,the group said,that taking them could increase the likelihood of kidney stones. The recommendations,however,do not apply to people with osteoporosis or vitamin D deficiencies.

No clear benefits for kids’ blood pressure checks

There’s no evidence that checking kids’ and teens’ blood pressure – and treating them if it’s high – can reduce their heart risks in adulthood,according to a new analysis. Researchers also found blood pressure tests may not always be accurate among young people,or consistent. The researchers analyzed 34 studies covering diagnosis,treatment and long-term effects of high blood pressure in kids and teens. Among studies that tracked children and teens over time,researchers found anywhere from 19 to 65 percent of youth with high blood pressure also had hypertension as adults. Seven studies tested seven different drugs for kids with hypertension and found they typically weren’t any better at lowering blood pressure than a drug-free placebo pill.

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