Among World’s richest heads of state — Putin

Russian President Vladimir V. Putin is rumoured to be among the world’s wealthiest men

Published: August 29, 2012 1:37:33 am

Russian President Vladimir V. Putin is rumoured to be among the world’s wealthiest men,says a report,sarcastically titled “The Life of a Galley Slave,” after Putin once described his workload as being like that of a galley slave. Opposition leaders Boris Nemtsov and Leonid Martynyuk write of an extraordinary expansion of presidential perks during Putin’s reign:

$700,000 Photographs show a total of 11 luxury timepieces on the wrist of the head of state and calculate their total value at some $700,000

4 yachts president also has at his disposal 15 helicopters,4 yachts and 43 aircraft,including the presidential jet — an Ilyushin which has a $18-million cabin and a toilet which costs close to $75,000. The 43 aircraft alone are worth an estimated $1 billion. One 53.7-metre yacht has a spa pool,waterfall and wine cellar

$115,000 While not addressing Putin’s personal wealth directly,the report challenged Putin’s self-portrayal as “your humble servant” to paint him as a callous,Nero-like figure ignoring poverty that has blighted lives. Putin has declared an annual income of about $115,000 and listed three old cars and a trailer hitch handed down by his father as the vehicles he owns

20 residences available to president include Constantine Palace,a Czarist-era estate on the Gulf of Finland restored at the cost of tens of millions of dollars,a ski lodge in the Caucasus Mountains and a Gothic revival palace in the Moscow region

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