Hollywood 2009: excess is out

Stylists are edging towards classic looks and away from overindulgence

Published: January 11, 2009 11:14 am

Stylists are edging towards classic looks and away from overindulgence
AS the economy has taken a turn,so too has the public’s tolerance for extravagant display. And this year stylists expect celebrities to take their cues from stars popular during the golden age of Hollywood,edging toward classic looks and away from any trend that smacks of ostentatious consumerism.

Stylists agreed that curls will frame necklines,replacing jewel-crusted chandelier earrings,as the newest fashion accessory. Kohl-ringed eyes will be replaced by softer,smoky colors. And if anyone is wearing handmade mink eyelashes such as those promoted by Jennifer Lopez in recent years,it is likely they won’t be bragging about them. Five months after the 9/11 attacks,for example,Nicole Kidman appeared on the red carpet at the Academy Awards with elegant subdued waves while Sandra Bullock and Julia Roberts swept their hair up in a helmet of tight curls.

Sally Hershberger,a top celebrity hairstylist,said she expected beauty trends to hark back to classic styles of the 1940s and 1950s,when the porcelain-skinned Grace Kelly and her remote elegance reigned onscreen. Hershberger said she had been hired to style Eva Longoria for an advertisement and she chose the coif popularised by Veronica Lake,signature peek-a-boo bangs covering one eye. Hershberger and others who are styling stars for the awards shows said curls would be structured,but not as tightly wound as earlier periods.

“Fashion has moved on,” said Annabelle Tollman,a stylist who works with Scarlett Johansson. “The super tan sexy look,with the loose hair and shimmering makeup,that’s done.” For the face,understated but tasteful is key: perhaps red—shiny glosses will be tucked away—and skin that is nude,softened with pink blush on the cheeks.
For those looking for a more dramatic look,however,stylists are recommending smoky eye shadows and liners—gray,purple and brown,but no black. The mink eyelashes won’t fly,either. But even with talk of toning the glamour down a bit,Botox is still likely to rule.,Laura M. Holson,NYT

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