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First US anti-Hitler film discovered

Published on:September 29, 2013 12:21 am

First US anti-Hitler film discovered

The first US film to warn about the dangers of Adolf Hitler’s Nazi regime has been found in a Brussels film archive,having lain unnoticed for some 75 years. Hitler’s Reign of Terror was produced by Cornelius Vanderbilt,an heir to the wealthy American industrialist family,who visited Germany as Hitler was voted into power in 1933. The film revolves around footage that Vanderbilt shot and smuggled out,showing Nazi party rallies,book-burnings and the ransacking of Jewish shops. The version uncovered was most likely ordered by someone who wanted to show it in Belgium but never collected it,so the reel survived the war,and Nazi occupation,in the Belgian customs office.

Gorilla to be treated for ‘sexist attitude’

A gregarious male gorilla at the Dallas Zoo will be sent to South Carolina for therapy after he bit one female gorilla and sneered at others. 195-kg gorilla,Patrick,will be moving to South Carolina,where he will live the bachelor life. The South Carolina zoo is known for working with gorillas with behaviour problems. Dallas Zoo officials said Patrick gets along fine with humans but not other gorillas. The zoo recently acquired two new males,including Zola,a break-dancing gorilla who is an Internet sensation. Reuters

Russians want Elton concert cancelled

A Russian parents’ committee has asked President Vladimir Putin to cancel a planned concert by gay musician Elton John,saying he intended to violate a ban on “homosexual propaganda”. In an open letter to Putin,the local parents’ group in central Ural region was reported by media as saying: “The singer intends to come out in support of local sodomites.” Sir Elton John,who reminisced in an interview earlier this month with The Guardian newspaper of having sex on a Moscow rooftop with a translator during his 1979 Soviet Union tour,said he wanted to perform in Russia to support the gay community.

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