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Two sides of a coin

Representing the city’s North Central seat, Cong MP Priya Dutt has spent almost the entire MPLAD fund. Representing the city’s North Central seat, Cong MP Priya Dutt has spent almost the entire MPLAD fund.
Written by Shalini Nair | Mumbai | Published on:February 24, 2014 2:21 am

Representing the city’s North Central seat, Cong MP Priya Dutt has spent almost the entire MPLAD fund, but that has not helped much in reducing the disparity between slum-ridden Bandra (E) and upscale Bandra (W).

With just a sole toilet between 600-odd families, no school or public health centre in the vicinity and mounds of rotting garbage strewn across the open ground and water mains running through this slum, Gareeb Nagar on the east side of the Bandra railway station is a far cry from the swanky neighbourhood that lies to the west.

This unevenness of the urban landscape is reflected in the opinion residents on either side hold about their MP Priya Dutt. In upscale Bandra west, the residents perceive their two-term MP to be approachable, unassuming and rising above political shenanigans. They credit her with facilitating meetings with the highest levels of state government on the issue of the underground metro at Linking Road or protection of heritage structures and actively engaging with citizens’ groups in debates such as the Nagar Raj Bill. However, residents of the predominantly Muslim settlement of Gareeb Nagar, who rebuilt their shanties after it was gutted in an inferno two years ago, say that Dutt is thriving merely on the goodwill created by her late father, four-time MP and veteran actor Sunil Dutt.

“For months after the mishap, we had to put up with a scattered existence and finally built our homes merely due to support from our community. Even now, our slum lacks the most basic amenities, but our MP hasn’t set her foot inside our slum,” said resident MD Irshad. It was Gareeb Nagar where senior Dutt famously lay down before a civic bulldozer to protect the residents from its onslaught. Here, as in the nearby slum enclave of Behrampada, residents cannot stop admiring Sunil Dutt. “No one returned empty handed after meeting him. He reached out to people at the most personal level helping them with school admissions, fees or medical care,” said Behrampada resident Nasir Khan.

Pointing to the life size cut-outs of his daughter propped by the local Congress corporator he adds, “That’s a sign that elections are approaching. For four and half years, she was nowhere to be seen in this area except for occasionally gracing the homes of local party workers.”

Dutt dismisses the complaints saying she has put in just as much of an effort at rehabilitating the project affected slum dwellers for the newly inaugurated Sahar elevated road, has used her MPLAD funds for providing computer labs and solar lights in slum pockets, pushed for the case of slums on Central government lands as she has worked towards beautifying the sea-side promenades and open spaces of Bandra west. “My father had a great following …continued »

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