Three ways: How to get past your regrets

What happens when we start regretting our choices and blame ourselves for unhappiness?

By: Express News Service | New Delhi | Published: August 27, 2014 5:30:03 pm
stress-main Do you think you could have made better decisions in life?

Life is all about choices. You have to skip some things, choose others and move forward. But what happens when we start regretting our choices and blame ourselves for unhappiness?

Maybe you can do something about it now
Be it a course that you always wanted to do, but kept on re-scheduling it for some reason or the other, an unreciprocated relationship or a missed opportunity, you may regret it after some time has passed. Though, you cannot turn the clock back, you can always pursue that course or goal and for that matter look for new relationships. As far as opportunities are concerned, there is no end to it, you just have to keep your eyes, ears open.

Are you sure, you made a mistake?
Sometimes, you make a decision of letting go of a career, opportunity or a person, and regret about it later in your life, forgetting the real reason why you took that decision in the first place. ‘I would have definitely become a film star, had I not gone abroad for pursuing a career’. Think hard, about why you made that choice at that point in time. Maybe you didn’t want the insecurities, uncertainty and hectic pace of that profession. Only you have the answer. But there was a reason and there is no point regretting your decision now.

Forgive youself and move forward
If you feel you have genuinely made a mistake and you can’t do anything about it. Forgive yourself, try to forget what happened, try not to repeat the mistake and move forward. Humans make mistake, but you can’t go on feeling negative about it.

(With inputs from Psychology Today)

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