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Things you must avoid doing on Independence Day

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Written by Parmita Uniyal | New Delhi | Updated: September 17, 2014 10:31 am

So what are you doing this Independence day, most people ask. While you can do a variety of things on I-day, there are a couple of things you can avoid doing to keep up the spirit of freedom.

1) Avoid going to office: Even you are a workaholic, you need a day to breathe. So do everything possible to allow yourself some space. Even if you have to come to office, try to keep your mind free from the daily work stress.

2)Try not to hurt anyone: Independence Day is all about freedom. Freedom means giving space also. Don’t spoil anyone’s mental peace by saying something unpleasant that may linger on for the entire day.

3) Don’t get irritated by the celebrations: Don’t crib about the traffic jam, the commotion or for that matter Prime Minister’s speech. Come on, I-Day comes just once in a year and reminds us of the day when we got the most precious thing of our life – freedom.

4) Don’t sleep it away: Sleeping on I-Day should be declared a crime. Why would anybody want to waste time by hitting the pillow when there’s so much to do. You can distribute sweets to the poor, and experience their joy. Go party, if you want to, and put your pictures on Facebook, but for heaven’s sake, don’t sleep during the day.

5) Don’t fight with your neighbour: Even if your neighbour is the most irritating person on earth, you can for a change give him/her the widest smile possible. It will bring in some positivity.

6) Don’t think about future: Allow your mind freedom from the worries of future and celebrate the spirit of independence in the true sense of the word. Believe me, you will do a big favour to your mind.

7) Don’t change channel during national anthem: Can’t you spare just 52 seconds to stand straight and soak yourself in the spirit of nationalism? It will do you no harm. Standing straight is also good for your spine.

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