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The Express LOL Tribute to Pran Kumar Sharma

By: Express LOL | New Delhi | Updated: August 7, 2014 1:30 pm

To say that we all enjoyed Chacha Chaudhary comics when we were young would be an understatement. The adventures of Chacha and Sabu had us laughing for hours on end, and we hope that the creator, Pran Kumar Sharma, rests in peace, because he’s given us some of the best moments of our childhood.

Here is Express LOL’s special tribute to Pran, the genius who introduced humour into Indian comics:

Thank you Pran…for introducing us to the scale of speed that goes: Calculator – Human Brain – Computer – Usain Bolt – Chacha Chaudhary’s brain.


Thank you Pran…for teaching us that, even if a man is a genius, white haired, wears a turban, has a pet dog and a pet alien, he still has to bow to his wife’s authority at home. Some things never change.

Chacha-2 (1)

Thank you Pran…for proving, in every comic strip, that brain trumps brawn, and showing us that bullies always lose in the long run.


Thank you Pran…for making an old man the hero of Chacha Chaudhary; the only other 60+ year old man who has ensnared leading roles with Chacha’s regularity is Rajinikanth.


Thank you Pran…for making a generation of children think that aliens from Jupiter were cool, and giving a generation of bodybuilders inspiration from Sabu rather than Schwarzenegger.


Thank you Pran…for teaching us that superheroes didn’t have to be foreign and omnipotent like Superman, or foreign and tortured like Batman – they could be Indian, frail and relatable.


Thank you Pran…for making sure we whiled away time on rainy days reading your awesome comics instead of watching random people beat each other up on TV.


First Published on: August 7, 20141:25 pm
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