Ten girlfriends to avoid this monsoon

You can choose a wonderful partner and dance in the rain, go on long drives, or choose poorly by not making smart decisions.

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Written by Khyati Rajvanshi | New Delhi | Updated: July 28, 2014 1:19 pm

Monsoon season is here, and so is the season of love. You can choose a wonderful partner and dance in the rain, go on long drives, or choose poorly by not making smart decisions. Here are some ‘unhygienic’ girlfriends that could turn out to be highly harmful this season:

1. Miss Overly Possessive

This kind of girlfriend is a typical rainy season leech. She will slowly creep into your life and feed on your blood until unless you sprinkle some privacy salt on it. She will not only stalk you cyberly, but also physically. The basic tip on social websites that says ‘Please do not share your password with anyone’ will not apply to you when dating an overly possessive girlfriend. Be it your social network accounts or your bank accounts, she will know all the passwords by heart and follow every single step of yours. If you want to live peacefully with a girlfriend like that, I suggest you never speak to another girl, smile at another girl, don’t even think of checking anyone out (not even guys), don’t watch movies with hot chicks in it, don’t talk about your ex or her friends, and don’t EVER like, comment or share ANY female specie’s post online. Just follow these mandatory meditative steps each day in order to achieve a peace of mind.

2. Miss. Digger. Gold Digger

This kind of girlfriend is common these days. She will put a lot of expensive make up on just to hide that green greedy monster face of hers. And if you are wondering where she got all that make up from, then look right into your wallet. The empty space filled with the essence of non-existent money will tell you the whole story. Such girls love shopping and you can expect your weekends to be spent at malls, while you aimlessly follow her around like a puppy with your credit card in one hand and her shoes in other. If you are born rich or you shit money, you are more than welcome to date such girls, but be careful; Gold diggers can find a new prey in minutes.



3. Miss Fabulous Fashionista

Ever seen those fashionably coordinated couples at a party? The guy will either have a matching tie on or other matching accessories on and most importantly, he will have a very tight and suppressed smile on his face while his partner stands there smiling broadly. That my friend, is torture, and trust me when I say this, you don’t want it. A fashionista girlfriend will always be up to date with the fashion and will always want to be in the limelight with the new designs or trends. She will murmur expensive brands in her sleep and dream about owning a whole boutique of Gucci. She is a Gold-digger’s best friend but unlike the Gold digger, she will make you …continued »

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