Ten imperfectly wonderful friends that we all love

What is a true friend, you ask? The answer to that is simple. No matter what the situation, your face lights up when you see him/her.

Written by Khyati Rajvanshi | New Delhi | Published on:August 1, 2014 6:40 pm

Friend, a simple word that can change your world, makes you realise what loving, sharing, caring and being there for someone means. A friend will be there for you when you are down, sit with you through the long nights, hug you and comfort you and give you that million dollar smile that will make you believe that everything is going to be just fine. A friend will tease you, annoy you and even fight with you on silly things, but  will always have your back.

What is a true friend, you ask? The answer to that is simple. No matter what the situation, your face lights up when you see him/her. Someone who can tell by one look what is bothering you and tell you the perfect thing to make you feel better.

Someone who will respect you as an individual, appreciate you for your qualities, tease you like a young sibling and most importantly love you for your imperfections.

As a tribute to Friendship Day, I decided to list few imperfectly wonderful friends that we all love.

1. The One That Rules Social Media

We all have that one friend who is active on social media platforms such as Twitter and Facebook more than a hundred people combined. He/she loves texting and being in touch with everyone, everywhere, and if you ever have a missing person case on your hand, just go ask the Social Media friend. He loves to update people about what other people are doing. He will know what you are up to and keep making sure you are okay by constantly being in touch with you. You can for sure rely on such friends because you know they will be the first one to reply in case of emergencies and have your back. Such friends also provide unlimited gossip and fun facts, that would keep you away from the land of depression and boredom, no matter where you are.

2. The One With The Funny Jokes

Humour is their expertise and laughter is their award. The funny joke guy will make you laugh in the most tensed situations and almost make you pee your pants. Such friends act as an amazing stand up comedian and help you say bye to tension and stress in a split second. They will teach you how to take life lightly and how to laugh at yourself. If you have such a friend, you definetly do not need to go to those laughing therapy groups in the park next door. Just give your friend a call, tell him your symptoms, and without diagnosing anything, he will make sure your eyes tear up due to all the laughter.

3. The One With Adventure Packs

There is always that one adventurous friend in the group that will come with the random plans to go exploring, sightseeing or even hiking some place. Such energized friends keep things entertaining and adrenaline filled for everyone. They do not like …continued »

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