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My Forgotten Teacher: Thank You Papa, for teaching me life

father-main My papa may not have given me all the luxuries of life but he definitely has motivated me to achieve them. (Source: Thinkstock Images)
Written by Zehra Shafi | New Delhi | Updated: October 18, 2014 12:41 am

It’s teachers’ day and my friends in the newsroom are busy recalling that one special teacher who they think changed their life in one way or the other. While some are discussing the looks, others are busy in posting their feelings on Twitter and Facebook. It looks like everyone has gone into flashback mode.

I am sitting at my desk, sifting my memory box to remember one such name but alas! Don’t I even have one teacher in my life who has ever inspired me, I am thinking. And the answer that comes from my heart is an emphatic NO.

People may not like me for this or may think that I am a bit weird but yes, no teacher in my school or college has made an impression on my mind in these twenty four years. I remember them only for their scoldings and their thick sticks.

No doubt they taught me A B C D and 1 2 3 4, but the real arithmetic and poetry of life has been taught by someone else.

He is silence. He is strength. He is enlightenment. He gives, and knows only to give. He is my saviour and I take refuge in him.

He is no professor and does not hold any degrees but he is the best teacher I have ever known.

He taught me almost everything that is required to live a better life.

He is my father!!

I am the third child (daughter) of my parents. And when I was born, not everyone in the family was much happy. My mother says she too was slightly sad because she was not blessed with a son. But the only person to jubilate was my Papa.

Life wanted to bless me and that’s why he gave me a father like him. The ultimate gift of God to me.

My papa may not have given me all the luxuries of life but he definitely has motivated me to achieve them. He has given me the freedom to choose things for my life.

The memories of 1990 (when the turmoil in Kashmir was at its peak) are still fresh – Gun battles and tear gas smoke everywhere and a man stepping out of his home to find milk for his children. Everyday my father used to travel miles to get food for his family. He would risk his life but he wasn’t worried about it because he was a father.

Courage, truthfulness, intrepidity, wisdom, generosity, love, good manners and the will to challenge life everyday. All are the gifts from my papa. Yet he is a forgotten teacher!!

I don’t know if I can ever teach anyone in my life but I would like to thank my Papa for teaching me and I wish him a happy teachers’ day…

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