Mandira Bedi on how to bring out the best in your child

Mandira Bedi shares parenting tips for new moms and the lessons she learnt from her experience of motherhood with Indian Express,

Written by Parmita Uniyal | New Delhi | Updated: July 28, 2014 10:53:35 am
mandira-main Mandira Bedi turns parenting guru for Indian Express (Source: Indian Express Photo by Amit Mehra)

She might go with the flow, as far as her career is concerned, but when Mandira Bedi is in the role of a mother, she turns into a strict disciplinary who doesn’t let her three-year-old son Vir have his way, and definitely doesn’t give in to his tantrums. The world of the glamourous diva who’s also known to be a trend-setter, a fashion icon and a consummate actor, right now revolves around her little bundle of joy, and she make sure she stays with him for not less than 5 days in a week, while managing to retain those million-dollar looks and an envious figure, which she says is her fittest so far.

Does this perfectionism reflect on her parenting style too? The lady shares parenting tips for new moms and the lessons she learnt from her experience of motherhood with Indian Express, on the sidelines of the launch of Imaginative Lighting, Philip’s new product range in association with Disney and

Tip 1: Become a child around your kid, and let the magic unfold

Mandira’s take: Right now I am enjoying the magic that unfolds every minute. I become a child with him which affects my television choices all the time – I’ve started watching a lot of cartoons etc.

mandira-imagination-2 Imagination is important around a kid (Source: Indian Express Photo by Amit Mehra)

Tip 2: Find new ways to keep your kid entertained

Mandira’s take: When Veer was small, he used to cry and I put him to sleep. But it’s not so simple anymore. He gets bored very easily. When kids grow up, they need to be entertained. I’ve to constantly think of new ways to keep him hooked.

Tip 3: Use technology to its best

Mandira’s take: Think of the time when there were hardly things like television, smartphones, tablets etc to engage your kid. Now that we have so many gadgets. it’s much easier. So when Vir’s not eating, or is ill, I show him something on ipad.

mandira-technology Technology is not an enemy for a kid, if used in a right way. (Source: Indian Express Photo by Amit Mehra)

Tip 4: There’s no substitute for outdoors

Mandira’s take: True that we have lots of gadgets now. But that doesn’t mean the child skips outdoors. Kids should go outdoors. I take Vir out every evening when I am with him and it’s not raining. The feel of grass, and sky is something a child should experience.

Tip 5. Don’t give in to your kid’s tantrums

Mandira’s take: Vir didn’t show tantrums earlier. Now he throws a lot of tantrums. But I’ve no time for his tantrums. Doctors, teachers advise me not to give in to his tantrums.

mandira-tantrums It’s not a good idea to give in to your child’t tantrums (Source: Indian Express Photo by Amit Mehra)

Tip 6. Expose your kid to new surroundings, people

Mandira’s take: I’ve done photoshoots with Vir even when he was one. The more he gets exposed to people, the better. I don’t think there’s anything wrong in it.

mandira-new-surroundings Mandira sees nothing wrong in putting her child in the limelight. (Source: Indian Express Photo by Amit Mehra)

Tip 7. Let your child pursue his/her passion

Mandira’s take: My son is not interested in sports. He doesn’t pick up the bat. I can’t force him to do that. It’s every parent’s job to try and push the kid for things he/she likes. My son could be a runner or a musician. He loves music and when I am in a park, I can’t get hold of him and I’m a good runner.

Three lessons you learn as a mom

Lesson 1: Time management

Mandira’s take: Time management was tough for me even before becoming a mom, now it’s impossible. You can’t have a formula for working moms. You have to find it everyday. I have started using my time efficiently. Now you have no choice but to understand time management.

Lesson 2. Patience

Mandira’s take: I have been impatient all my life. The first thing that your child teaches you is patience, because you have no choice. He’s made me value my parents more.

Lesson 3. You know your priorities

Mandira’s take: My son is my priority. I don’t take up long assignments, for more than two days. I travel with Vir, wherever it’s possible. Vir is with either one of his parents all the time. My husband has office at our house’s basement, which helps.

Lesson 4: Imagination

Mandira’s take: Ever since I have became a mother, I’ve no choice but to be imaginative. Homework for kids are targeted towards moms. So I am forced to be imaginative. To keep him excited and happy, I have to think of new ways of involving him, to capture his imagination.

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