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LOL: The funniest videos of April 2014

By: Express LOL | Updated: April 28, 2014 2:52 pm

The month of the fools is coming to an end! April is well known as the month where people bring out their best prankster tricks and do their best to make people laugh. And YouTube hasn’t disappointed us. (When does it ever?)

Here are the five funniest YouTube videos from the month of April, all in one place just for you:


In case any of us was missing Kareena Kapoor’s or Hrithik Roshan’s old avatars…


Or wanted a quick behind-the-scenes lesson on how to make a Bollywood blockbuster:


Or was feeling nostalgic about the previous government:


Or maybe just about the days when we were carefree little children in school:


Or tired of this oppressive heat and finding a reason to complain about everything:

First Published on: April 28, 20142:34 pm
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