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EXPRESS LOL: 7 things we thought when we found out Archie was dying

By: Express LOL | New Delhi | Posted: July 15, 2014 5:17 pm

We may not read it religiously, but all of us know about the comic hero Archie and his teenage dilemmas. And we all felt a tinge of sadness when we heard he was being killed off in the famous comic book series.

So here are 7 things all of us, fans and non-fans alike, thought when we found out Archie was dying:

So what will the comic be called now?


2 hot girls behind him? He had to die of confusion!

Riverdale would be River-pale without Archie.

This is the demise of good comics in this world!!!




So after 70 years, Archie finally grows up to be shot dead?


I wish I had the life Archie lived!


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