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Are you a typical Bombay dude? Watch this video

bombay-main A still from Culture Machine's latest video (Source: YouTube)
Written by Parmita Uniyal | New Delhi | Updated: September 17, 2014 10:31 am

‘That guy is a slave man’

‘What a guy, dude!’

‘You don’t have swimming pool in your building, what a slave yaar’

‘As if I read the newspaper bro’

Newspaper is certainly not his best friend and a long distance relationship (even if his girlfriend resides within the city) is not his thing. What he likes is a good romp on the bed, but would rather forget about it (or atleast pretend to) the next day. Don’t even try explaining yourself in Hindi, for he will immediately ask you to translate the sentence in English.

And if you don’t have swimming pool in your building, you are a slave. Yes you heard that right, a slave, a servant. Every man for him is either a servant or a bro; you better try to fit into the latter category.

Want to know who’s this ‘cool’ chap we are talking about? YouTube channel Being Indian’s Culture Machine has come up with a new spoof titled Every Bombay Dude In The World. So please, don’t ruin the fun by saying ‘I’m a Bombay guy, but I’m not like that’. Come on, it’s just a spoof.

Watch the video:

First Published on: August 20, 20144:39 pm
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