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Herbal tea, bamboo products of Satpuras will win your heart

herbal-tea-main Freshly brewed forest teas especially, the famous Satpura Herbal tea is available for Rs 5. (Source: Swasti Pachauri)
Written by Swasti Pachauri , Edited by Parmita Uniyal | Madhya Pradesh | Published on:July 23, 2014 5:27 pm

Two years ago, when I first came to Madhya Pradesh, I happened to visit the village of Banjari located at the outskirts of Seoni district. I and my colleagues visited this village to interact with few self-help groups (SHGs) engaged in collection and packaging of rural forest produce supported by Seoni district administration. The terrain of this region is rich in bamboo, teak, several deciduous trees, herbs and plants with medicinal properties.

It was during this visit that I figured how local people inhabiting villages in and around the Satpura forest, specialise in procuring traditional herbs, fruits and other forest produce for their livelihoods. Realising a close association of communities with forests, the district administration here supports the concept of self-help groups to inculcate self-reliance among people, while also contributing to livelihood diversification.

In Banjari, many such groups are supported by National Rural Livelihoods Mission and the district forest department. The government programmes provide marketing and managerial support to people specializing in minor forest produce collection, while subsequently identifying potential markets for rural products.

A tree machan in Banjari herbal gardens. (Source: Swasti Pachauri) A tree machan in Banjari herbal gardens. (Source: Swasti Pachauri)

One such initiative of the administration is the community platform made available to these groups called the ‘Banjari Herbal Garden’, a little nursery of herbs where saplings of Arjuna, Kevati and Anantamul trees are cultivated with the help of SHG members. Since the nursery is located on NH-7, tourists, travellers and villagers stop by at this scenic spot. Utilizing the market potential this area generates owing to its geographical location and in order to establish a customer base for SHG packaged forest produce, ‘Banjari herbal tea stall’ managed by locals, has also been set up.

The idea is based upon the advantages of ‘4Ps of marketing’ to farmers and villagers constrained by a credit and market deficit. Inputs on correct pricing, product packaging and promotions have been provided to these groups by district forest department and trainers. Some very popular products that are available for sale here are lemongrass tea, forest tea and herbal mixtures of medicinal value. The little garden situated next to a serene lake with lotus flowers also houses a tree Machan painted with indigenous tribal art in red and white surrounded with Bamboo trees. This provides with a locational advantage to the concept thereby, providing visibility to the hidden entrepreneurial talents of villagers and farmers.

Lemongrass and Herbal Tea concoctions
Freshly brewed forest teas especially, the famous Satpura Herbal tea is available for Rs 5. This tea is primarily made of dried barks of Arjuna, Kevati and Anantamul trees along with cinnamon, cardamom, ginger and clove mixtures thereby, making it an ideal beverage for monsoons and winter. This ‘herbal chai’ is believed to have healing properties according to locals, and the …continued »

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