Smoking weed may reduce your creativity

The research showed that cannabis users were less able to brainstorm, a mental process that is crucial for creative performance.

By: IANS | London | Published: October 5, 2016 9:13 pm
smoking, weed smoking, weed smokers, harm from weed, disadvantage from weed, indian express, indian express news It is important that we gather more knowledge about the effects of cannabis on a person’s ability to detect mistakes. (Source: Pixabay)

Love to be high on weed? Beware, apart from various health issues it is associated with, the weed may put you at risk of losing creative thinking capabilities as well as make you less aware of your mistakes, a study has found.

The research showed that cannabis users were less able to brainstorm, a mental process that is crucial for creative performance.

“There is a widespread belief among users that these drugs enhance creativity. This experiment disproves that belief,” said Mikael Kowal, Psychologist at the Leiden University in the Netherlands.

Kowal also demonstrated that for chronic users, the brain processes involved in monitoring mistakes also work less effectively.

A high dose of cannabis seems to influence both the unconscious processing of mistakes and the later and more conscious stages of error processing.

“It is important that we gather more knowledge about the effects of cannabis on a person’s ability to detect mistakes. This can help with putting together a treatment programme for drug addiction,” Kowal added.

In addition, the research also indicated that cannabis disrupts the activity of dopamine a chemical in the brain important for the proper working of the brain and also plays a role in learning performance.

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With chronic users a significant reduction was seen in the frequency of spontaneous eye blinking, an indication of a reduction in dopamine production, the researchers said, in the paper published in the journal PhD defence.

In the study the researchers assessed 40 regular users of cannabis, to study the direct and chronic effects of cannabis on dopamine related functions, such as creative thinking and the ability to recognise one’s own mistakes.

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    Oct 6, 2016 at 2:05 pm
    This is true, and I have observed it too. It creates a sense of pseudo-intelligence and smartness by connecting abstract thoughts. But, it's slightly more complex than that too. If a person is very good with guitar and know his way around, it enables him to enjoy his own music when he plays(being high) hence gives him the confidence that he is playing good, hence his bold approach to continue play guitar rather shy away appears to have increased his creativity. While the only thing cannabis has done at that point is alter his sound perception, which is vivid now. Similar goes with writing, a person who would be discouraged to write after a while considering his writing is quite mundane (While he perceives it as mundane subjectively, he would have no clue what it really means to others unless he completes his work), would find his work interesting under altered perception ( more vivid visual imaginary under cannabis influence), hence he finds motivation to complete is work which is again wrongly understood as increase in creativity. But cannabis can not make a bad writer a good writer, that solely depends on of effort of the writer, hence it adds nothing to the creativity or his;br/gt;lt;br/gt;Not everybody is a singer,not because the majority of people can't sing, rather their confidence is hampered at some point which demotivates them to make them make further efforts. That can be corrected by how they see themselves and other and that's where mild altering drugs play a;br/gt;lt;br/gt;Hence, it's true. Cannabis can't improve creativity or improve a personality of a person. But it can certainly give the person a window of opportunity not be weighed down by his own preconceived misconception about;br/gt;lt;br/gt;Too much of anything is too bad, as I told above how cannabis eventually results in an increase in confidence, too much of it will result in the idea (Crudely summarized) as "anything is possible", which makes a person scatter brain. A scatterbrain person will spend more time fantasizing what can be done rather evaluating repercussions of what has been done. Hence, it prevents one from seeing his own;br/gt;lt;br/gt;Lastly, Cannabis without a doubt increases a person imagination but not creativity. Imagination and creativity are 2 different things. Imagination is subjective experience while creativity is the objective productively derived out of one's imagination. In simple words, eg: For an artist, imagination is what a person feels in his head, creativity is measured through what he can put down on a paper. Cannabis increases imagination but provides with no tool to express it in the right way. Telling cannabis does not improve creativity is like, giving a monkey a sword and telling it's not making him a warrior and how the monkey is doing more damage than good. It's not swords job to make the monkey a warrior and it's not cannabis job to make a person creative. It gives you an outlet, what we mine out of it is solely our hard work.