Skin, hair care tips to enjoy Holi better

The festival of colours, Holi, is round the corner and people are already in a colourful mood.

New Delhi | Published: March 13, 2014 5:15:49 pm
Happy Holi! Happy Holi!

The festival of colours, Holi, is round the corner and people are already in a colourful mood. As it is considered to be fair to drench each other in all types of colour, we get you a few skin and hair care tips from a reputed dermatologist to let you enjoy Holi without any tension!

Skincare tips

1) Wear clothes that cover your body entirely and use mustard oil/coconut oil/ olive oil/ vaseline over your entire body a night before and also in the morning so that it gets easier to remove colours post holi

2) Herbal and natural colours like turmeric, tea leaves, henna, marigold flowers etc can be a very good choice for playing holi as they do not harm your skin much.

3) Drink lots of water as skin tends to get dehydrated with the use of chemicals.

4) Use of a toner before stepping out to play Holi helps in closing of the pores of skin thereby reducing the absorption of colours.

5) Use dry hands or cloth to remove gulal rather than using water as it spreads even more with water.

6) A transparent nail polish can take care of your nails, never rub your skin while removing colours and a facial cleanser is a better choice instead of a soap.

7) If any irritation develops after the use of colours, wash the area with cold water and apply calamine lotion and a good moisturizer.

8) Last but not the least, a good waterproof sunscreen and a thick moisturiser is a must

Hair care Tips

1) The best way is to tie your hair.

2) Use coconut oil/rosemary oil to prevent dryness in scalp. Apply conditioner while washing hair post Holi.

3) Hair should be washed with a mild shampoo and lemon juice to prevent dryness and any kind of infection. Do not try to shampoo your hair several times in a day in order to remove all the colour in a single day.

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