The oriental experience: Chew – Pan Asia Cafe

Food that is not Indianised.

Chew-4 Courtesy: Aditi Malewar
Written by Aditi Malewar | New Delhi | Updated: August 6, 2014 3:59 pm
By Aditi Malewar and Surbhi Gupta
Aditi: I am in Chew – Pan Asian Cafe. It is in M block, outer circle, hurry up!

Surbhi: Okay, I am coming.

(After entering the restaurant and taking the place)

Surbhi: Wow, this place is bright yet it’s sutble. Look at the live kitchen on the right. It looks so exciting.

Aditi: Yes, and did you notice the jars of spices lined up? I like the concept. The ambiance is so alive here. Look at these off beat color combinations.

Surbhi: And the moment you enter, hot fresh aroma of steamed dumplings fill you up!

Aditi: I am very hungry, let’s order something.

Surbhi: Oh my God! Look at those swinging chairs, such a cool concept. We are shifting there. I just hope I don’t fall off.

Aditi: Oh come on! This is not a playground and you are not a kid, Surbhi!

Surbhi: Look at this wall, dude! I want to read all that’s written here. “All you need is love, but a little chocolate” Hahaha! Reminds me of all those social media memes.

3 Courtesy: Surbhi Gupta

Aditi: Check out this one. “Enjoy long romantic walks to the fridge” Hahaha! So cool. Sums up my love for food.

Surbhi: Well, this line explains that better – “There is no love sincere than the love of food”. I had such a stereotypical idea of an Asian restaurant of the ambiance being dull and the music being slow. But this ain’t anywhere close to it.

Aditi: Lady it is not a restaurant, it is a cafe. Probably that changes the whole setting. Oh wow! This has struck a cord with my taste buds. Let’s order, please! I’m starving.

Surbhi: Hahaha! Okay so, I am not really an Asian food lover but I would love to try. So, what do they have? Dumplings are momos, right?

Aditi: Yep they are momos. The only difference being that the local momos offer a type of dumplings, whereas here you will get a variety of traditional dumplings. Also there are two types of momos, regular and sparkle. You can try them both. Personally I love sparkle momos it is lighter and more juicy. Surbhi, my friend, let me make you have some real Asian food.

Preparation of Sparkle Dumplings:

Surbhi: Okay, let me see the menu. Ummm, Spinach and Water Chestnut dumplings and Green, Corn and Water Chestnut dumplings? And to drink I’ll have berry blast. I really need considering the heat.

Aditi: I love the menu too, it’s so colorful like the cafe.

Surbhi: Yes, it’s adding to the chirpiness of the place.

Aditi: Did you notice the chef made on the pages? it’s going with their logo and it’s quiet an elaborate menu, so many options to choose from.

Surbhi: Hungry person, do you want to eat up the menu or you want to order something?

Aditi: Hahaha, okay! I’ll have Steamed Crystal Prawn …continued »

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