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Express LOL: 7 reasons we couldn’t live without monsoon food

By: Express LOL | New Delhi | Published on:July 10, 2014 4:50 pm

We’ve been seeing relatively heavy rain for the past few days, and while wading through floods, and spending hours in traffic jams are all very fun parts of the monsoon, the part we actually like best is the steaming hot food.

Don’t tell us that chai and pakodas don’t make up an important dietary component for you in July, because we may be forced to excommunicate you. Here are 7 reasons why we just can’t live without monsoon food:

1. Because nectar was just the Gods’ word for hot chai sipped in pouring rain


2. Because, deprive us of pakoras for long enough, and we’ll revert to the animals we once were


3. Who cares about dysentery? COME TO ME YOU BIG FAT VADAPAV.


4. Because only hot food can cheer you up when the sky is grey (and when you’re soaked to the skin)


5. Because eating something crunchy and soaked in oil is worth a few extra kilos, if it’s also raining


6. It’s raining, I’m shivering and I’m wet .. BUT WHO CARES?. THERE’S A PAKODA IN MY MOUTH.


7. If I’m swimming through rain, I want my fingers swimming in the oil from MY ALOO TIKKI.


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