Weight loss tips: Focus on quality of food and not quantity

Instead, of avoiding favourite foods, weight gain could be prevented early on by learning to listen to inner cues and putting emphasis on the quality.

By: IANS | New York | Updated: February 11, 2016 4:48 pm
Eat healthy to stay fit. (Photo: Thinkstock) Eat healthy to stay fit. (Photo: Thinkstock)

Have you come across a few people who never seem to worry about weight and yet manage to stay slim? One secret that works behind their seeming effortlessness may actually be a sharp focus on the quality of food that they eat, suggests new research.

“These results are encouraging because they imply that instead of putting restrictions on one’s diet and avoiding favourite foods, weight gain could be prevented early on by learning to listen to inner cues and putting emphasis on the quality instead of the quantity of food,” said lead researcher Anna-Leena Vuorinen from the University of Tempere in Finland.

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You know that one friend who never worries about weight and seems to stay effortlessly slim? That friend, and others like him might unknowingly possess secrets to helping those who struggle with their weight.

The findings are based on Global Healthy Weight Registry that surveyed adults who have successfully maintained a healthy body weight throughout their lives.

The registry was created by Cornell Food and Brand Lab of Cornell University in the US.

Those who voluntarily signed up for the registry answered a series of questions about diet, exercise and daily routines.

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The researchers then divided the respondents into two groups. Group one, the mindlessly slim, consisted of 112 adults who reported that they did not maintain strict diets.

The other group consisted of those who dieted regularly, thought about food frequently and were highly conscious of what they ate.

After comparing the responses from each group, the researchers found that mindlessly slim individuals were more likely to use strategies that differ from traditional recommendations for weight loss or maintenance.

These strategies include eating high-quality foods, cooking at home and listening to inner cues in order to stay slim.

Also they did not indicate feeling as guilty as the other group about overeating.

Furthermore, mindlessly slim people were more likely to have an enjoyment-based, internally informed approach to food and eating, the study found.

The findings were presented recently at the annual scientific meeting of The Obesity Society in Los Angeles, US.

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  1. P
    Poonam Jaiswal
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    My weight is 75kg. Please give me weight loss tips.
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