These new vibrating ‘smart’ pants are here to correct your incorrect yoga postures

These smart pants aim to give you a perfect yoga experience when you do not have an instructor around to correct your posture or guide you with proper asanas.

By: Lifestyle Desk | New Delhi | Published: June 12, 2017 9:10:19 pm
The pants have the ability to identify the pose and then provide real-time feedback through gentle pulses that draw awareness to the focal points of each pose.

Yoga’s origin may be in the East, in the Orient from places like India and China, but its popularity in the West is phenomenal. And with every possible opportunity, people have given unusual twists to classical and traditional forms of yoga and its asanas. While some may be quite bizarre like the goat and dog yoga, others have been a healthy fusion like that of anti-gravity yoga or aerial yoga. No matter what the next big, weird trend is, they all vouch to enrich the ‘yogic experience’ and make your workout more effective.

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Now, joining the list of unusual yoga trends are vibrating yoga pants. Yes, the new workout outfit that is the first “activated yoga apparel that listens & responds to your body, guiding you through your yoga flow”. Literally, a smart pant to give you a perfect yoga experience when you do not have an instructor around to correct your posture or guide you with proper asanas.

Sydney-born, an NYC-based company Wearable X that brings together design and technology in fashion, has its new offering Nadi X. A design that was unveiled at the Las Vegas CES in January 2016. With the goal of combining smart fitness with workout gear to improve form and flow, these pants aim to revolutionise the fitness industry and you can get starting August 2017. The product was just launched in New York on June 9 and fitness enthusiasts seem quite excited.

How does this work?

The pants come with five sensors sewn in to help the person improve various yoga positions. Once in a pose, the sensors vibrate in specific ways to tell you how to adjust your hips, knees or ankles. Using haptic vibrations, the smart outfit encourages “you with gentle pulses around the hips, knees & ankles.” It can be used by simply connecting it to your smartphone and the accompanying app while guide you through.

“As someone who doesn’t always know the correct form or alignment in poses, I find having that proper guidance is crucial,” Billie Whitehouse, co-founder and CEO of Wearable Experiments told Daily Mail.

“We believe technology should empower the human experience,not overtake it,”says Ben Moir, co-founder and CTO of Wearable X. “With Nadi X, the sleek design allows technology to seamlessly integrate with the tights, allowing the beauty and design to take centerstage.”

However, the revolutionary pants, which are manufactured in Sri Lanka, comes at the whopping price at $299 (around Rs19,000). The garment is machine washable and powered by a removable, rechargeable battery that lasts up to 90 minutes.

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