These Brazilian women wear ‘masking tape’ bikinis to get the ‘perfect’ tan lines

In this Rio de Janeiro spa, women wear itsy bitsy masking tape bikinis to get the perfect tan lines.

By: Lifestyle Desk | Updated: November 28, 2016 9:11 pm
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Pursuing perfection in beauty is a tricky thing. Let alone the countless measures of beauty from what is symmetrical to the perfect body shape, there is the hair, the skin, the nails… and now, as it turns out, there is also the perfect bikini line! Now, we’re no strangers to weird fashion trends that have surfaced this year, from male genitalia eye-liners to hidden rainbow hair, but this current trend in Brazil really does make it right to the top.

mask-tape-bikini-line-2016_005_759_rtr (Source: Reuters) mask-tape-bikini-line-2016_010_759_rtr (Source: Reuters)

Women in Brazil are now soaking up the sun this week in tiny bikinis made from masking tape so as to get the ‘perfect’ tan lines. Called ‘marquinha’ in Portuguese, Erika Romero Martins – of Erika Bronze spa in Rio de Janeiro – provides a space for local women to get tanned without being bothered, while giving some great results.

mask-tape-bikini-line-2016_001_759_rtr (Source: Reuters) mask-tape-bikini-line-2016_003_759_rtr (Source: Reuters)

Women apparently start arriving at the spa between 7am and 8am and will tan for approximately 3 hours. The tape makes the tan lines very pronounced. The cost is around $20 per session. Erika puts a masking tape bikini on each of the women’s body before they start sunbathing on the terrace. Some even add melanin accelerators to boost the tanning process.

With temperatures at around 30 degrees in the Brazilian city, women are flocking to the spa with the sole aim of getting a natural tan. Though the spa reportedly also offers spray tanning as well, this winter it’s the mask-tape bikini tan that seems to have become quite a rage.

mask-tape-bikini-line-2016_008_759_rtr (Source: Reuters) mask-tape-bikini-line-2016_009_759_rtr (Source: Reuters)

The spa, which is located on Avenue Marechal Fontenele, is apparently a big hit with the locals, since women don’t need to bother going to the beach, and can simply lie on the rows of beach chairs spread out across terrace. The spa staff frequently sprinkle water on the women and rub sun-block as and when needed so as to give clients the most comfort and ideal results.

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