New shopping trends: Online shopping and flee markets

As flee markets and online stores offer huge discounts to shoppers, the concept of shopping undergoes a huge makeover.

shopping Many now-a-days have turned their loyalties from the fitting rooms to their home looking for a perfect option at home via online portals. (Source: Thinkstock Images)
Written by Divya Goyal | Published on:July 25, 2014 4:08 pm

What happens when your favourite shopping haunt fails you? While I don’t see (at least in near future) that Sarojni Nagar Market or Janpath, should fail anyone looking for variety of style without pinching your pockets, it’s always handy to know where can you buy quality stuff at slashed prices.

The next time you plan a trip to Sarojni, do check out the flee markets in the courtyards of the National capital’s most swanky malls. The flee markets which until a few years back was restricted to a weekday is now a weekend-ly affair!

As the sun sets and heat lowers (at least a little bit) the courtyards of the malls are alight with little big shops offering a variety of things — from tangy delectable to top-of-the-line fashion labels. Here you can browse through plenty of shops and pluck your favourite labels or opt for lesser known labels bit no less trendy and chic.

The flee market is imbued with upcoming designers or simply beginners with fresh ideas and stylish collection. Be it your latest love for loafers or pretty ol’ ballerinas you can get your hands on them here.

There are imports from the souks of Dubai and street shops of Bangkok all robustly converged in front Delhi’s posh mall. Do not miss out on the dazzling bags and pretty clutches when looking out to accessorise your look!

While flee market was one, another low-budget shopping option is simply a click away! Many now-a-days have turned their loyalties from the fitting rooms to their home looking for a perfect option at home via online portals.

Leading online shopping portals are now backed by A-list brands and designers. Therefore, this certainly gives shoppers a sense of assurance of brands and their worth. Brand loyalists especially have an edge above the other shoppers who can fearlessly place an order! Bags and other accessories are especially more fun to scout as the variety is overwhelming.

Plus the benefits of saving a tedious trip to market marching from shop to shop for a perfect look is also enjoyed by some. While some shoppers get a satisfaction only after a tactile connect to their purchase.

Busy professionals shared their experience on online shopping. A senior IT professional, Tanushree Gupta, revealed that she has been shopping online since about 3 years now. “Earlier from and and now I order from Jabong, Flipkart, Amazon, Ebay, etc.” For Tanushree, online shopping experience has improved drastically overtime.

A senior PR professional, Mohina Babber, in sync with Tanushree, says online shopping has a lot of advantages. “You can simply go on a shopping spree whenever and wherever you want to. You don’t even need to take time to go out which is a boon in this sweltering heat.”

Like Mohina for Tanushree, online shopping is a saviour as she shops …continued »

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