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Bullied for her dark skin, this 19-yr-old Senegalese girl is now a much-loved model

People have been amazed by her confidence and certainly charmed by her radiant smile who have been bullied for her skin color before rising to fame.

By: Express Web Desk | Kolkata | Updated: October 26, 2016 9:16 pm
(Source: Khoudia Diop/ Facebook) Changing conventions: Nineteen-year-old Khoudia Diop calls herself the ‘Melanin Goddess’ and has turned all her nicknames into proud identifies inspiring many dark-skin woman. (Source: Khoudia Diop/ Facebook)

Discrimination and prejudice based on one’s colour of skin is unfortunately ubiquitous, and not just restricted to underdeveloped or developing societies. And it’s mostly women who fall prey to this bias, along with various other beauty standards. From so-called perfect body type and/or weight to style, criticism awaits them at every corner.

We have heard about racism and people being bullied and judged just on the basis of extra melanin in their skin. But there are many beautiful and powerful women, who have shunned all such non-sense and risen above such petty schools of thought to become an inspiration to millions.

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Meet 19-year-old Khoudia Diop, who proudly calls herself the ‘Melanin Goddess’, and is inspiring others to embrace themselves as they are. Diop, who has taken Instagram by storm with her stunning photos, has also bagged modelling contracts that do not adhere to the concepts of ‘fair’ beauty.

The Senegalese model, in a recent interview, shared a sad experience of being bullied all through her growing years because of her colour. But spoken like a true diva, Diop said to Daily Mail Online, “Growing up, I faced it by confronting the bullies. As I grew, I learned to love myself more every day, and not pay attention to the negative people, which helped a lot.”

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At the tender age of 19, she has taken the task upon her shoulders to not only change the ‘popular’ point of view of beauty but also help fellow dark-skinned girls to rise and shine. “One of my goals is to make all my darkskinned sisters out there laugh at those mf with their ‘beauty standards’ they’re nobody noooobody to tell you how you should look. Start glowing queen,” she wrote on her Facebook page.

With over 2,60,000 followers on her Instagram page, she uses her page to fight against colour prejudices. She rose to fame after her pictures shot for the Colored campaign, a platform that celebrates different skin shades went viral. People have been amazed by her confidence and certainly charmed by her radiant smile.

As a thriving model Diop feels, “We need more women of color in fashion period,” the Daily mail report added.

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  1. R
    Oct 27, 2016 at 1:59 pm
    She may be dark, but she has beautiful features.
    1. A
      Oct 28, 2016 at 4:55 am
      and their heroines are young, skinny and north indian imports.
      1. Seetharam Basani
        Oct 26, 2016 at 6:20 pm
        People relish black-coffee ,black –chocolate ,black berry, black suit ,more so black-sheep mutton, amazingly developed an inhumane psyche of intolerance towards fellow human beings bearing black-skin. Racially discriminating and beating them to them to death has no parallel sin.This phobia is very much prevailing almost in all the countries particularly not excluding the developed countries like US, Canada and Australia. Not skin but beautiful heart is what I like.Cheerful luck!lt;br/gt; [EMAIL;]
        1. S
          Oct 27, 2016 at 7:28 pm
          We are all human beings and children of Krishna/God. There is no room for discrimination, we are all God brothers and sisters. Our Dharma teaches us that we are NOT this body but the soul. I hope Indians understand this and address the issues of discrimination in our own country, so we can all unite to become nation builders to build the greatest nation on Earth, to reclaim our rightful place in the world.
          1. D
            Oct 26, 2016 at 8:07 pm
            Time to move away from White Colonial Masters concept of beauty. Beauty can be found in both Black, Brown and White skins. What matters is persona and features to a lesser extent.
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