This chic and mysterious hidden rainbow hair is taking Instagram by storm

Love rainbow hair, but think it's a tad bit much to carry off at all times? But this variation is neither over-the-top nor low key, it’s just full of mystery!

By: Express Web Desk | Kolkata | Updated: September 13, 2016 7:13 pm
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To get a cool colour highlight for your hair is one and to dye it in rainbow shades may be too much to carry off. Well, rainbow hair as a trend has really picked up and it’s showing zero sign of decline anytime soon. But it may not always be appropriate for all times. Thank god, hair stylists came up with a plan to follow the in-trend fashion adding the correct amount of mystery to it.

London-based hair colourist Carla Rinaldi of Not Another Salon in London, showed the world possibilities of having a hidden rainbow hair look that only reveals your VIBGYOR colour (in trendy reverse order) when you want it to come out. It is a surprise and reminds us of Holi. Seriously! The precise and saturated colours give you that chic mermaid or unicorn hair trend that the world is going gaga over.

There were lots of hair trends in the past couple of years. From pixelated hair to rainbow pastel hair to galaxy hair, and even ‘merman’ hair but this is neither over-the-top nor low key, it’s full of mystery!

In the last few weeks, #hiddenrainbow and #hiddenrainbowhair have been taken Instagram by storm. The post shared on Instagram by notanothersalon has been liked almost 14,000 times in just too in just a week’s time.

Fashion enthusiasts have been trying the vibrant multi-colour look and flaunting it in style. However, the only drawback is, the colours are temporary and start fading after two weeks. Creator Rinaldi agrees it is “high maintenance”. According to a report by the Cosmopolitan, she said: “These colors are temporary, so they do fade. If you want to keep the vibrancy of the rainbow, you need to come to the salon once every two weeks. But if you want it to fade to a pastel rainbow, you can come back every six weeks.”

See some of the awesome hidden rainbow hairstyles here:

Nevertheless, this cool trend is winning hearts, check out these superb posts flaunting the trend that would urge you to get this style soon.