Five do’s and five don’ts for monsoon bride

Monsoon weddings may be a hit as they score high on the romantic factor, but they spell skin and hair problems for the brides.

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Monsoon weddings may be a hit as they score high on the romantic factor, but they spell skin and hair problems for the brides. To get a radiant skin, girls should adhere to certain rules like shunning oil and going for less cosmetics, said an expert.

Sangeeta Amladi, head medical services, Kaya Skin Clinic, draws up a handy list of beauty do’s and don’ts for the blushing bride-to-be to ensure she looks exactly the way she feels – like a princess, said a statement.

Five beauty tips to follow before a monsoon wedding.

Keep the oil at bay: Oil secretion is accelerated during the monsoons, so make sure you wash your face with a mild face wash around three-four times a day. You could also use a gentle scrub with mild beads once a day. It is important to recognise what suits your skin and what doesn’t well ahead of your wedding day. After all, your skin is your crowning glory and you don’t want anything to mar your bridal beauty.

Go pro-protein: We know how all that pre-wedding anxiety makes you want to eat literally everything off the shelf. While comfort food may calm your nerves for a while, your skin is far from happy with your food choices. Maintain a balance by eating foods that are rich in protein such as salmon, eggs, carrots, dark green veggies, nuts and low-fat dairy products.

Get your fix of skin pampering: While you’re busy running around on last-minute errands and making sure everything is in place, your skin is begging for some spa indulgence. Unwinding with a relaxing facial regularly will ensure that you, as well as your skin, feel like a million bucks on the day you are to wed. However, a word of caution, get these facials done by professionals who can customize it to your skin type, to avoid any ill-timed reactions.

Go easy on the cosmetics: While you are the bride and understandably want all eyes on you, applying heavy makeup is a big no-no. Using non-greasy makeup will lend a clean matte finish to your skin. Additionally, opt for water-proof brands as the increased moisture in the air means you stand the risk of looking like a painting gone wrong.

Keep an eye out for those nasty fungal infections: While you may be out shopping or enjoying dinner at a restaurant with your to-be husband, the rain may catch you unawares. Although it is oh-so-romantic to get drenched in the rain with your significant other, fungal infections will definitely make you regret it later. Bathing with lukewarm water and using anti-fungal creams, soaps and talc will ensure your skin stays healthy and infection-less.

Five beauty don’ts to steer clear of before D-day:

Don’t subject your tresses to elaborate treatments: Using a mild shampoo to wash your hair and conditioning afterwards will restore volume to your hair and also get rid of the frizz that comes with rain. Keep hair treatments to the minimum and avoid styling products …continued »

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