‘What will happen to me the first night in my grave?’ Facebook post haunts family of slain J&K cop

"Think about the day people will be carrying you to your grave and your families crying...think about the moment,’’ the officer wrote.

Written by Mir Ehsan , UBEER NAQUSHBANDI | Srinagar | Updated: June 18, 2017 7:06 am
jammu kashmir, policemen killed, anantnag, policemen killed in anantnag, militant attack kashmir, kashmir news, jammu kashmir attack, jammu kashmir police Firoz Dar, one of the six policemen killed in militant ambush in Anantnag district of Jammu and Kashmir

When Feroz Ahmad Dar, a 35-year-old sub-inspector in J&K Police, was laid to rest at his family’s ancestral graveyard at Dogripora in south Kashmir Friday night, the lines he had posted on his Facebook wall four years ago returned to haunt his friends and relatives.

“What is going to happen to me the first night in my grave? Just imagine…yourself in your grave down in that dark hole…alone. Think about the day people will be carrying you to your grave and your families crying…think about the moment,’’ the officer wrote.

On Friday morning, Dar, who was posted four months ago as Station House Officer in Achabal, was killed along with five policemen when militants ambushed their vehicle at Thajiwara village. Late in the evening, his body was brought to his village. “He joined the police in 2010 as a sub-inspector and served at different places. He was a good officer, a dedicated son and a caring parent,’’ said a relative.

Dar is survived by his aged parents — he was their only son — wife Mubeena and two daughters Simra (5) and Adha (2). Similar scenes of tears and anguish were witnessed in the villages of the policemen killed in the ambush with Dar, including a constable who got married to his “childhood friend” barely two months ago.

At Nowgam village, in Shopian district, the parents of 24-year-old Sabzar Ahmad were inconsolable. “Just 45 days ago, there were festivities in our house as he got married to Saima Jan, his childhood friend and neighbour. Today, I received his dead body. I am unable to understand what has happened to us,’’ said his father, Farooq Ahmad.
“Sabzar had come home five days ago, seeking special permission from his officers for the night, to meet his wife and other family members. After Sehar (pre-dawn Ramzan meal), his brother dropped him at his place of posting. What will happen to his young wife now?’’ said the father.

Ahmad’s neighbours remembered him as an “ace cricketer”, who used to represent the village in local matches.
“My son joined the police two years ago when recruitment for Special Police Officers was held in the district. He was laid to rest soon after the body arrived,’’ said his father.

At Surasyar village in central Kashmir’s Budgam district, the parents of Tasveer Ahmad Dar, 25, were also grieving the death of their only son. “Tasveer joined the police force in 2012. After his death, the family is shattered. There is no one to look after his two daughters Fiza (8) and Toiba (4), wife Shabnum, and aged parents,’’ said Chadoora Station House Officer, Rouf Ahmad, who attended the funeral Saturday noon.“More than 4,000 people participated in the funeral, everyone was grieving his death,’’ he said.

In neighbouring Tangmarg village, the family members of 30-year-old Shariq Ahmad Lone recalled having long chats with him over the phone after evening prayers every night. On Friday, instead of that phone call, they received news of his death.

”He used to speak to all of us, especially to his three-year-old daughter Ayesha. We will never receive his phone calls now,’’ said Lone’s elder brother, Bashaarat Ahmad. “We buried him in a hurry last night, otherwise there would have been two more deaths…my shocked parents are suffering from heart ailments,’’ he said.

“Shariq was married five years ago. Since he was posted in south Kashmir, we were apprehensive about his security,’’ said Ahmad, adding that his brother had never participated in any anti-militant operation. Sheeraz Ahmad Bhat, 42, was buried at Audsoo village not far from the site of the attack. “After the tributes at Police Lines, his body was buried in his village late last night,’’ said a police officer at Achabal station. Bhat joined the force in 2001 and is survived by his two-year-old daughter Qurat-ul-Ain and wife Rubee Jan.

At Moominabad Shangus nearby, 30-year-old Asif Nazikee was the lone breadwinner of his family. “He was buried at night soon after his body reached the village. He had joined the police eight years ago to support his family, which is financially weak. He left behind his aged parents, wife Parveena and a four-year-old son. They will struggle now,’’ said a relative.

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  1. M
    Jun 18, 2017 at 8:58 am
    Who listens to the lament of the slained police officer?I donot know what death means in islam.Is going to zannat or or getting w s. What was written by the departed is the ultimate truth hinduism it is the body which dies the soul never dies there is reincarnation of soul.The important point is that will it have any effect on islamist who kill ppl 0n the command of allah or the killing of other religionists who are kafirs is ordained in koran.Koran says that there is only one religion i.e islam,there is no other God except allah.PPL following any other religion have no right to exist.The followers of islam have got a religious duty to kill kafirs,convert them,subjudicate them.Fools call it a religion of peace.They have got no eyes to see what is going on in middle east,pak,afhganistan kashmir.Sooner the ppl realise it ,it shall be in the interest of humanity.Fools call bhai bhai.Fools, can a muslim give up what is written in koran.A big NO.
    1. R
      Rahil Khan
      Jun 18, 2017 at 2:08 pm
      Mohan Saheb I think you need to check the facts from the fake news. Mohan Saheb please read Quran if you have time to find out that is it true what you have heard from people. Hey RAM
      1. R
        Jun 19, 2017 at 6:56 am
        How do good muslims ( those who oppose bad deeds irrespective of Religion and not merely kafirs as defined in Quran ) reconcile to Numerous passages in quran exholting the faithful to Jihad on Kafirs ? They either ignore the violent passages and choose the Taqiyya passages . They simply can not believe that Quran and Mohammad are both fake.
    2. M
      Jun 18, 2017 at 7:53 am
      Don't worry. Soul takes its own journey and gets another body in time. Those Arabian school boy stories were designed to scare the hellmout of people already living in darkness (as is mentioned in Islamic literature), so, they behave. People or the soul do not stay in grave. Tibetan Buddhism gives details of how soul takes its journey after the death. Don't read outdated stories designed for not so serious students. You don't need to believe in Arabian story when your ancestors have told you the real story from the other side!
      1. M
        Manu USA
        Jun 18, 2017 at 10:27 am
        You should be ashamed of your writing on someone dead for the nation.
        1. M
          Jun 18, 2017 at 11:36 am
          No disrespect intended at all to someone who has made the supreme sacrifice.
        2. M
          Mohammad Dar
          Jun 18, 2017 at 10:58 am
          And you are a hog of hinduism immorality, believer hindu fabricated Mythology, having nothing to do with truth, but with, pot, hindu crook sanatans were high to hind fool humanity, in to hinduism slavery of hindus children of hinduism in cest, as their gods.
          1. P
            p M
            Jun 18, 2017 at 4:08 pm
            Dar you should have shame to bring regions and religions . We are talking about humanity . there is no colour change or blood change in humans why this man made divisions?
        3. M
          Jun 18, 2017 at 7:06 am
          Indians may be too saddened to write here. Firoz Dar's photo and his FB sentiments shall remain etched in memory. I am still thinking about Umar Fayaz and his cruel fate. At a mundane level, his family will get support from J K Authorities and Delhi. At a spiritual level, birth and death is the cycle in which ALL of us appear and disappear. . As our Lord, Krishna Vasudev says in The Gita, "We know not whence we come, know not where we go, therefore, Arjun, how to decide only with the transient memory of the Middle?".. We can only hope for a Mind beyond binaries - seetha-ushna, sukha-dhukkha, labh-nasht.... and so on. RIP