We believe in human rights, misinformation making Valley youths pick up arms: Army Chief Gen Bipin Rawat

When asked about children who pelt stones at the army officers in the Valley, Rawat said the army was trained to handle these situations and emphasised that it believed in human rights.

By: Express Web Desk | New Delhi | Published: June 17, 2017 11:58 am
kashmir, kashmir unrest, kashmir news, bipin rawat, bipin rawat kashmir, army chief bipin rawat, india news “Some misinformation is being spread among people of J&K and possibly compelling some of the younger generations to pick up arms,” he said.

Amid the tense climate in Jammu and Kashmir, Army Chief Gen Bipin Rawat Saturday told reporters necessary actions were being taken to bring the situation under control. He also said the Army cared about lives of people and would make sure rights are not violated.

“Parts of South Kashmir are troublesome. Necessary actions being taken to ensure situation there is soon brought under control,” he said, adding, “We care about human life and make sure human rights are not violated.”

When asked about children who pelt stones at the Army officers in the Valley, Rawat said the Army was trained to handle these situations and emphasised that it believed in human rights. “We are trained to handle such situations. We believe very strongly in human rights,” he said.

Rawat also said misinformation was causing those from the younger generations to pick up arms in the Valley.

“Some misinformation is being spread among people of J&K and possibly compelling some of the younger generations to pick up arms,” he said.

The Army Chief’s comments came as the National Conference leaders today held a dharna outside the J-K Assembly to protest the use of pellet guns on students. The chief had also recently announced the induction of women in combat roles in the Army. The Army also faced criticism for using a Kashmiri man, Farooq Dar, as a human shield. Dar was tied to the front of a police jeep to keep stone pelters from attacking the police and army. However, Major Gogoi, who ordered for Dar to be tied to the jeep, was awarded with the Chief of Army Staff’s commendation card for his efforts in counter-insurgency operations.

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  1. CM Dabral
    Jul 25, 2017 at 5:26 pm
    i like army chief think of about the J K .
    1. T
      Jun 18, 2017 at 10:50 am
      What a joke. Indians are shaming humanity with their barbarian acts. Is that a sarcastic article? I think disclaimer line is missed!
      1. K
        Jun 17, 2017 at 10:28 pm
        "We believe very strongly in human rights," is Gen Rawat's latest refrain. If it is so, why did he so hastily give his commend-ation card to Maj Gogoi -- even before the Court of Inquiry, appoi-nted by the Army itself, has given its verdict ? ! . . The Army Chief complains that people in the Valley are "misinfo-rmed". But it seems he is being misinfo-rmed by his RSS political masters in Delhi : Nayeem Akhtar, senior PDP minister, is better informed about the ground reality when he states frankly, ". . I am an Indian but people in Kashmir don't feel that way. . " He goes on to trace the history of alienation of Kashmiri people to 1953 when Sheikh Abdullah was jailed, and subse-quently elections in J K were rigged (IE/June 7). Other imp stake-holders also have acknowl-edged the reality of mass aliena-tion. But the General and the RSS leader-ship that has promo-ted him would like to imagine, in their own interest, that "fore-ign hand" is the main villain.
        1. I
          Jun 18, 2017 at 8:32 am
          Army men also human beings. Don't they have human rights ? If hundreds of miscreants start attacking handful of army personal who are under instructions to refrain from wielding weapon what should they do. Should they suc b to stone injuries OR fall at the feet of miscreants. The colonel achieved best results with zero casulties that is to be appreciated. If they had opened fire to dis the mass you people funded channels shout ho ! they have fired on unarmed protesters etc. Terrorists have no rules or restrictions but have all more human rights than sane human beings.
        2. M
          Jun 17, 2017 at 10:03 pm
          india and human values!
          1. G
            Jun 17, 2017 at 9:02 pm
            The IndArmy represents every single citizen of India. The The comment by Gen. Bipin Rawat that the Army would treat those who obstruct army operations as overground workers of terrorists and anti-nationals and would not spare them has proved to be counter-productive. It has provided fuel to malcontents to leverage public sentiment in Kashmir to take on the Army and incite even school girls to pelt stones at the IndArmy. Something unimaginable till this escalation. Just imagine decades down the line young women telling stories to their children of how they defied the Indian Army. The Govt. must quietly advise Gen. Rawat to purchase a padlock,lock his lips hand over the 'speaking key'to civilians. The Army like a good COIN must face in opposite direction to be accepted legal tender. Be tough in a quiet determined military way whilst also carrying out humanitarian operations to win the 'hearts and mind' of the people of Kashmir. GENERAL PLEASE DO YOUR JOB WITHOUT A SONG AND DANCE !
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