VHP ‘dharma yoddhas’ to protect culture, Hindu girls from love jihad, teach gau raksha

This was announced in a three-day regional meeting of the VHP attended by the outfit’s international president Pravin Togadia. The meeting, which took place in Aligarh, had concluded on July 18.

Written by Lalmani Verma | Lucknow | Updated: July 23, 2017 8:46 am
VHP ‘dharma yoddhas’ to protect culture, VHP ‘dharma yoddhas’ to protect Hindu girls from love jihad, VHP ‘dharma yoddhas’ to teach gau raksha, Gau Rakshaks, Vishw Hindu Parishad, Lucknow News, Indian Express News Every team will include nine members — president, vice-president, secretary, satsang pramukh, gau raksha pramukh, Bajrang Dal convener, college vidyarthi pramukh, Durga Vahini convener and Matra Shakti convenor. (Representational Image)

‘DHARMA YODHHAS’ (warriors to save religion) — workers of RSS offshoot Vishwa Hindu Parishad (VHP) — are set to spread out in the Braj region of the state to protect temples, Hindu girls from ‘love jihad’ and also create awareness among farmers about gau raksha. This was announced in a three-day regional meeting of the VHP, which was attended by organisation’s international president Pravin Togadia. The meeting, which took place in Aligarh, had concluded on July 18.

VHP leaders said dharma yodhhas have been deputed in 296 prakhands (smallest organisational unit of VHP) in Braj Prant, which includes Agra, Mathura, Aligarh, Firozabad, Hathras, Shahjahanpur, Bareilly, Badaun, Pilibhit, Mainpuri, Kasganj and Etah districts. VHP’s Braj region is divided into 22 organisational districts units.

A team of dharma yodhha will comprise nine members — president, vice-president, secretary, satsang pramukh, gau raksha pramukh, Bajrang Dal convener, college vidyarthi pramukh, Durga Vahini convener and Matra Shakti convenor. VHP leaders said the convenors of Durga Vahini and Matra Shakti will be women members. “They have been named dharma yodhha because they have been given the task to protect the Hindu culture and give leadership to the community,” VHP’s Braj organisation secretary Manoj said.

He added that these teams will hold meetings with Hindu girls in schools, colleges and other places of public gathering, such as temples, where they will be told to stay alert about cases of ‘love jihad’. “Hindu girls will be made to understand the conspiracy of love jihad and identify youths who wear kalavas (sacred thread) and introduce themselves with fake Hindu names… Hindu samaj ki behan betiyon ke saath meeting karenge… koi Gori (Mohammad) and Ghazni unhe behka ke nahin le ja payega (We will hold meetings with our sisters, daughters… no Gori or Ghazni will be able to lure them),” he added.

On Prime Minister Narendra Modi recently denouncing violence in the name of cow vigilance, Manoj said: “We do not believe in violence. We will appeal to villagers not to abandon their cows… they should be protected for commercial use of cow urine and dung. Dharma yodhhas will oppose if butchers take away cows. We will protect cows in gaushala… dharma yodhhas will also lodge complaint with the administration regarding illegal cow slaughtering.”

Dharma yodhhas, while protecting temples and matths, will also constitute working committees to ensure that religious activities, such as aarti, are performed everyday at these places and Hindus take part in the same. With several cases of communal violence resulting from the use of loudspeakers at temples in parts of Braj and western UP, Manoj said: “When Hindu society will become united and self-dependent, people themselves would install loudspeakers and mikes in temples. Dharam yodhhas will speak to the local administration to ensure that loudspeakers are allowed in temples. If the administration denies permission, they will stage agitations. Loudspeakers will be installed by people.”

Another VHP office-bearer said: “The dharma yodhhas will make Hindus aware of pro-Hindutva activities being taken up in the country and make them aware of their religion.” “Also, kanwariyas are being told to bring in local folk singers to hold programmes instead of playing film songs and DJ band… this rule will be applicable to future religious events as well,” added the office bearer.

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  1. R
    Jul 24, 2017 at 12:55 pm
    I think India is a vast glorious country of immense energy and potential. Unity is strength. Instead of wasting your energy and time in frivolous things like dividing India among various religion and varnas and again we will be divided into innumerable regions ruled by various fanatic, hot headed rulers of smaller and weaker states and fighting among themselves, we should direct our energy in positively building our nation in terms of population control, education, alleviation of poverty, creation of job for livelihood, industrial revolution, agricultural revolution, etc. If the divisions will come to the notice of outsiders, again we will be attacked by them as was done in the medieval time. We are preparing ourselves for another age of slavery because of draining our energy in vain for no gain. No religion is superior to another religions, all are equal. Please understand, stop fighting, make really a shining and incredible India. Please do not heed the ill resolutions of fanatics.
    1. D
      Dandy CoolMe
      Jul 24, 2017 at 12:02 pm
      It is monkeys like these who objectify women and kill the girl child in womb out of their insecurity. So you save Hindu Girl but kill and rape Muslim, Sikh, Christian and any Non-hindu girls. These Hindutva loser are not followers of Hinduism, as a Hindu I believe they are disease to of Hinduism and weaking Hindus, they suffer from massive inferiority complex obvious from their historic comments. Some years back their were very few Hindus afflicted by this inferiority complex but now they have infected so many more which will be passed as race memory creating inferior Hindu generations in future. These Vanars are enemy of Hinduism should be despised by every true Hindu .
      1. B
        Jul 23, 2017 at 6:45 pm
        Police force may be banned. Let all community form their comnando force as exist in tribals world over. Thus crores may be saved. Even military may have community wise battalions to sa uard country by equal sacrifice.
        1. S
          Jul 23, 2017 at 5:17 pm
          very good initiative. apart from protecting indians it will prevent unnecessary lynching of criminals and consequent problems with international relations
          1. A
            Jul 23, 2017 at 3:41 pm
            Saffron terrorists don't destroy our culture. If indian citizens wake up then no space in world to save you.those chamchas also careful before flash comments nathing happened what you dreaming. India is our nation not your for father nation.
            1. N
              Nitish Nitish
              Jul 23, 2017 at 4:33 pm
              Go to pakistan
            2. D
              Jul 23, 2017 at 3:28 pm
              Need of the hour. If Hindus dont protect themselves,muzzues will eat them. Basirhat is the lastest example of this. 22 percent katwas attacked Hindus killed a Hindu looted and burnt shops and houses.
              1. B
                Jul 23, 2017 at 4:56 pm
                Tu pura bulla lekar bhi kya kar raha hai. Go and a cow
              2. S
                Jul 23, 2017 at 2:45 pm
                means vhp has been instructed to get western UP ready burning for riots before 2019 elections, the amazing thing is their issues remain the same since arya samaj started this politics of hate in the 19th century
                1. T
                  Tilaakdhaari Brahman aka Bra-man
                  Jul 23, 2017 at 2:37 pm
                  These ‘DHARMA YODHHAS’ should go to each and every Muslims house and explain them, how their ancestor women were raped by the Arab, Muslim invaders, how there forefathers were forcibly converted to Islam through death threats. Then these Muslims should be asked to do 'Gharwaapsi' to Hinduism, if they refuse, then such Muslims be stripped naked, declared traitors, have their whole property confiscated and then made to do a paayydall march to their holy land, Pukistaan.
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