Former madrasa teacher alleges forced conversion, gangrape

Claims she met other women being held in Muzaffarnagar madrasa.

The alleged victim’s relatives in Meerut. Source: Amit Mehra The alleged victim’s relatives in Meerut. Source: Amit Mehra
Written by Amit Sharma , Ananya Bhardwaj | Kharkhoda/meerut | Published on:August 5, 2014 2:11 am

A 20-year-old BA student, a former part-time teacher at a madrasa in Meerut’s Sarawa village, has alleged that she was abducted from her residence, forcibly converted to Islam, and gangraped in another madrasa in Hapur. She has also alleged that she was held captive in a madrasa in Mustafa colony, Muzaffarnagar, for over three days, where she was again reportedly raped, abused and forced to eat fish. The woman claimed she managed to escape on August 3 and reached Meerut, after which she reported the matter to the police.

The woman also claimed that she met other women at the madrasa in Muzaffarnagar, who were being held captive before being sent to Dubai.

The woman alleged a cleric, identified as Sataullah, had often asked her to convert to Islam in the past and told her he would get her a job in Dubai if she converted. The woman also named the village pradhan, Nawab, Sataullah’s wife Samar Jaan and one Nishat for their alleged role in the conspiracy.

Based on the complaint, the UP police registered a case of kidnapping, gangrape, outraging religious feelings of any class and criminal intimidation against the accused. Nawab, Nishat and Samar Jaan have been arrested, while the main accused, Sataullah, is still at large, police said.

Speaking to The Indian Express, the alleged victim’s father said his daughter used to work at the madrasa to support her family financially, but she left the job after Sataullah started forcing her to convert. “Our daughter returned home on Sunday morning and narrated the episode to us. She told us that on July 23, she was kidnapped by Nawab and Sataullah, who took her to their house for the night. The next morning at 4 am, Samar Jaan gave her a veil and took her to Hapur, where she was gangraped and thrashed. She was then released and asked to go home. She was threatened and asked to keep quiet. When she came home on July 27, she did not tell us anything,” he alleged. “She later told us the maulvis had forced her to send an SMS from her phone saying she was going for a college trip and would be back in three days,” he added.

The woman further alleged that she was kidnapped again on July 29 and taken to another madrasa on Garh Road in Meerut, where she was forcibly converted and raped again. She alleged that on July 30, she was taken to a madrasa in Muzaffarnagar, where she was confined for three days. “She was raped, thrashed and forced to eat fish. She told us she met other Hindu girls at the madrasa who were also being converted. The maulvis told her they would get them married to Sheikhs and send them to Dubai,” her father alleged.

The victim claimed she was forced to sign an affidavit in Muzaffarnagar. …continued »

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