‘Ummer was sitting with the bride. They pulled him, many others were waiting outside’

Ummer Fayyaz was kidnapped and killed by suspected militants in Shopian district where he was attending a marriage ceremony of some relative.

Written by Muzamil Jaleel | Sarsuna (kulgam) | Updated: May 11, 2017 9:02 pm
Ummer Fayaz, Lt Ummer Fayaz, Ummer Fayaz killing, young army officer killing, army officer killing, shopian army officer killing, national conference, india news, latest news, indian express Inconsolable mother of the slain army officer Lt. Ummer Fayaz during his funeral at his native village Sudsona in Kulgam district on Wednesday. (Source: PTI Photo)

An occasional wail breaks the eerie silence. Women of the village sit in a circle, around a woman who is holding her head. She doesn’t speak, and screams each time she spots a family member or a neighbour. All that Jameela remembers is the sight of three men barging into a house in Shopian last night and taking away her 22-year-old son, Lieutenant Umar Fayaz. This morning, his body was found in another village. Jameela had gone to her brother’s home at Batpora Matribug village in the adjoining Shopian district to attend the wedding of her niece. Umar, who had taken leave, had travelled from Anantnag town to join the function.

Umar’s father sits in a room, surrounded by neighbours and family. Fayaz Ahmad Parray says he is unable to weep. “I can’t believe my son is not alive,’’ he says. “I have only one son,” he says, and almost immediately, corrects himself: “I had only one son. Now it is his mother and two sisters.”
Parray recalls that as soon as Umar cleared the Class XII examination in 2012, he wanted to take the NDA (National Defence Academy) entrance examination. “I am a farmer. I am illiterate. He told me he wants to become an officer and I said OK,’’ he said. “I didn’t know it would cost him his life.”

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Umar’s maternal uncle Mohammad Maqbool, whose daughter was getting married, sheds light on what happened last night. “Umar was staying at Anantnag where his cousins had a rented accommodation. He hadn’t come home. He came straight to our place from Anantnag. He reached our place in the afternoon. Everything was fine. He was sitting with the bride upstairs when three men wearing pherans came in. It was around 8 pm. They headed upstairs and asked for him. The moment he identified himself, they took him.”  “We tried to stop them but they pulled him. There were many others waiting for them outside, on the road,’’ he said.

This morning, Umar’s body was found near the bus stand in Harmain village in Shopian. “When villagers found his body, they took it to a hospital nearby. There, a doctor who knew Umar, identified him,’’ says Mohammad Ashraf, Umar’s uncle. “We received a call. It was unbelievable.”
The family didn’t say anything about the identity of the people who killed the young officer. “We never thought anybody would harm him at home,’’ Ashraf said.

He said Sarsuna village has had only one militant — Mohammad Ayub Parray who was killed on the LoC in early 1990s. “He was my uncle. He was also the uncle of Umar’s father,’’ Ashraf said. Kulgam Senior Superintendent of Police Sridhar Patel told The Indian Express that the police had no information that Lt Fayaz had been kidnapped last night.

“We didn’t know at all. We got to know about this only after his body was recovered this morning,’’ Patel said. “His body was recovered close to where (the cavalcade of ) SP Headquarters, Shopian, was fired at by the militants last night. They must have killed him around that time.” Army personnel, led by the Commandant of the 62 Rashtriya Rifles, placed a Tricolour on the young officer’s body and fired in the air before it was lowered in the grave. His father stood with two relatives, watching the Army officers and men paying floral tributes to his son.

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      May 13, 2017 at 8:46 pm
      How many more lives need to be sacrificed before some concrete action is taken against a rogue neighbour ? I wish hiji was here to see the benefits of Ahimsa. Aur Karo desh ka vibhaajan. Disgusting. India Gate par nasta lagana band Karo aur himmat Hai toh border pe has kar Dushman k ghar me ghus kar ussey sabak sikhao.
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        Anoop R N Kannur
        May 13, 2017 at 11:47 am
        Have you ever thought why he joined NDA? He was taught in the Navodaya Vidyalaya, which is about the nation.He studied real secularism . All those pigs in the guys of terrorists, did not study and took up the gun. This guy studied and then took the Gun. Big difference. I pity you , Kashmiris, who have lost a great son of India. I feel myself losing a brother. Terrorists, we will avenge his death.
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          Shamasundar Kathavate
          May 12, 2017 at 3:06 pm
          No religion can ever teach cowardice based hatred and coercive actions. Every religion should oppose such acts and teach brave reactions. Kashmiris especially muslims should come out and take oath to throw the foreign fighters and don't entertain these Pak 's coward forces
          1. K
            May 12, 2017 at 1:46 am
            but the peoples he was carrying gun know him well.
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              May 12, 2017 at 12:48 am
              Brave son of India! His family should get all the support India can give.
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                PRAVIN SHARMA
                May 11, 2017 at 6:28 pm
                Correction: Pain of Kashmir.
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                  PRAVIN SHARMA
                  May 11, 2017 at 6:24 pm
                  I feel so much anger. How long we are going to bear terrorism. Every day our man are giving life. Requesting Modij to take some serious action. What is the use of development if we cannot guard our people and place. Pls give 10 attention in addition to development. We feel the paid of Kashmir
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                    Mohammad Dar
                    May 12, 2017 at 1:05 am
                    As long as hindus terrorist of hindrastan, dump of hinduism racism by faith, will not stop their hinduism terrorism against Muslims and Islam, they deserve no peace but, deserving hinduism terrorism, to eradicate hindu filthy germs of hinduism terrorism by faith, around the globe.
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                      Rohit Puri
                      May 12, 2017 at 5:23 am
                      Mohammad Dar......are you even Indian?? if you were born in India, cant say you are an Indian (even if you are) are you out of your bloody mind?? Lt. Ummer Fayyaz was an Indian Muslim.......see, he was first an Indian and then a Muslim...............its people just like you who give the great ones like Brigadier Mohammad Usman, MVC; Lance Naik Abdul Hamid, PVC; Kalamji and many more a bad name...........if you really are being wronged, approach the media, they love ma news these days............and please, no religion ever taught violence on innocents.........just because you love your religion doesnt give you the right to slander other religions...........Oh and by the way, I am a Christian & not a Hindu.........I love my religion but respect others.........
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                        tere maa ka bosada
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                          Where the heck are you ? Its because of people like you, living has become hell.. what the has got into your head in the name of Islam? Your Allah never told you to kill people, why the ing are you people so bent on Violence and Terrorism? If you are in India, you bloody well get the out of this country to whatever Holy ing land that chops your for religion and rot there.. If you really have the balls to stand up to your faith and your beliefs of anti-hinduism, say this openly, with your location you coward.
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                            Hello ! Mr. Dar. What do you know of Islam ? A true Muslim.will never use the kind of language you are using. Aap khud aap k Dushman Hai. Khayal badlo Dar Saab haalat bhi badlenge. Jo Mar raha Hai kisi k kehne par woh garib Kashmiri Hai. Amir toh security guard Ki safety Mey Hain. Kaho Apne Kashmiri leader se bagair security k ghumey. Kasur Na Hindu ka Hai Na Muslim ka. Kasur hum sab ka Hai Ki hum corrupt politicians ko bardasht karte Hain.
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