Triple talaq verdict: Reformists set sights on other issues, clerics say 90 per cent will reject it

However, senior clerics and AIMPLB members say 90 per cent of the Muslim women will still follow Sharia law and reject any other legislation.

Written by Ravik Bhattacharya | Kolkata | Updated: August 22, 2017 10:09 pm
triple talaq, triple talaq verdict, triple talaq judgment, triple talaq supreme court, However, senior clerics and AIMPLB members say 90 per cent of the Muslim women will still follow Sharia law and reject any other legislation. (Source: Express photo by Nirmal Harindran)

Welcoming the Supreme Court judgment on triple talaq, a group of reformists who were party to the case and had been campaigning against it in West Bengal, have now set their sights on other issues like inheritance laws, guardianship of children and adoption by Muslim women.

“This is the first step towards upholding the rights of Muslim women since independence. This is just the beginning. Now issues like inheritance laws, guardianship and others will be highlighted moving towards a common civil law,” said Syed Tanveer Nasreen, professor of gender studies in Burdwan University and member of joint committee for abolition of Triple Talaq.

The joint committee a conglomerate of organizations like ‘Pragatisil Muslim Samaj’, ‘Reformist Muslim Society’ and ‘Secular mission’ has been fighting against Triple Talaq since the past three years. Earlier this year the group collected one lakh signatures against Triple Talaq and sent it to the Prime minister and President of India in April 2017.

“Now we will go for public interest litigations, rallies, and awareness campaigns against laws which don’t allow Muslim women to become guardians of children, laws which discriminate against women in case of inheritance and adoption laws. We will also hold rallies in Jantar Mantar , Delhi,” said Osman Mullcik, head teacher in a higher secondary school and member of the committee.

“Do you know Muslin women cannot be the guardian of her child even if her husband has expired. The verdict will open flood gates for reforms,” added Mullick.

Meanwhile, senior clerics and members of All India Personal Law Board from Bengal say the Supreme Court is a setback, but 90 per cent of Muslim women will still follow Sharia law and not any other legislation.

“There are certain touts in the community who has brought this upon all of us. Only a handful of wrong people went to SC. This is indeed a setback. But 90% of Muslim women adhere to Sharia law. They will never adhere to any other law,” said Jamil Manzar, working committee member of AIMPLB from Kolkata.

“In AIMPLB we had already taken a number of initiatives for reform. So that Triple Talaq is not misued,” added Jamil.

Kolkata hosted the last conference of AIMPLB, including a huge public rally in Park Circus in support of Triple Talaq and Sharia laws.

“Sharia is a supreme law. Whatever one does Muslims will follow them,” said Noor-Ur Rehman Barkati, cleric from Bengal and former Imam of Tipu Sultan Mosque.

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  1. A
    Aug 22, 2017 at 4:15 pm
    BJP, its job to divide make country into burst. BJP government supported this verdict. 90 of muslim women did'nt want this, they had faith in Allah(swt). I dont know whether it is good or not, whether as per the Islamic practices since few countries there are different opinions. Simply fooling the country by making false measures. Can you tell me how many hindu women got divorced and how many muslim women got divorced? When kuffars are divulging on quran and islam and these mushriq women are so happy about it. Allah only punishes them whom he wants to punish. Allah swt is only the right judget. Judgement is unlawful, when the muslim law has supported in our cons ution, Now these current govt. blaming the law of india , indian law makers approached the subject matters experts and they said what is good and the likes of law to faith of people, who made contributed their lives for the freedom of india, how come you find out the unlawful suddenly w/o consulting our leaders
    1. T
      Aug 22, 2017 at 4:24 pm
      street-wise,locality-wise laws based on different reasons is what is dividing country.does it make sense to define legality based on religion? tomo some om guy will say murder is not a crime if you follow his newly created religion. should they be exempted from punishment?
      1. A
        Aug 22, 2017 at 4:32 pm
        that is the exact reason we brought BJP to power.. stop following this stupid law... your laws have become a matter of laughter and less of a debate