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Doklam settlement in line with interests of both: China

Chinese Ministry of Foreign Affairs said China would continue to patrol the Doklam region. "At the same time and in view of changed situation, the Chinese side will make the necessary adjustments and deployments,” Hua said.

Written by Apurva | Beijing | Updated: September 1, 2017 1:42 pm
china, doklam standoff, sikkim standoff, brics summit, doklam solution, indo china bhutan, doklam and china, indian express China’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs said Beijing would continue to patrol the region. (Source: File photo)

Setting aside their differences exactly a week before the BRICS summit, China and India Monday signalled the end of the border row in Doklam. China said it had confirmed that India had withdrawn personnel and equipment from Doklam and that the Chinese side would make “necessary adjustments” to the deployment of its own forces along the border.

China’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs said Beijing would continue to patrol the region. “Chinese personnel conducted an on-site check at the disputed area at 2.30 pm (Beijing time). China will continue to safeguard its territorial sovereignty according to historical boundary treaties,” MFA spokesperson Hua Chunyin said.

The MFA also indicated that China’s deployment in the disputed area would be “adjusted”. “China’s border guards will continue to patrol the area. At the same time and in view of changed situation, the Chinese side will make the necessary adjustments and deployments,” Hua said. She added that the settlement of the issue through diplomatic means were “in line with the interests of both countries”.

She emphasised the importance of diplomacy in ending the dispute, which began mid-June. “The Chinese government attaches great importance to developing good and friendly relations with India. We hope that India will earnestly abide by historical and basic principles of international law and work with China to safeguard peace and tranquillity along the border and promote the healthy development of bilateral relations on the basis of mutual respect for territorial sovereignty,” said.

Foreign policy experts in China welcomed the thaw in relations with India considering the BRICS summit in Xiamen in China, which starts next Monday. “All BRICS countries should celebrate the easing of tensions between India and China. This is a very good signal that the two countries have more in common than disputes,” said Wang Yiwei, professor at the School of International Studies, Renmin University.

Wang Dehua, Director, Institute for South and Central Asia Studies in Shanghai, said the decision to end the dispute was a symbol of BRICS unity. “This 2017 BRICS summit is very important. It is the tenth edition of the summit and discussions will centre on planning the future and leaders are expected to take major decisions on projects over the next decade,” he said.

According to Wang Dehua, leaders of both countries would now have to demonstrate the importance of bilateral ties between India and China. “With this conflict out of the way, leaders of both countries can use the BRICS platform well. They must focus on the importance of Chindia and the cooperation between two important civilisations,” he said.

“India and China have no reason to quarrel and if it ever comes to war, it will be a lose-lose situation. Only negotiation will work. Peace is very valuable. I remember a scholar once telling me that if the dragon and elephant fight, they will trample the grass,” Wang Dehua said. By grass he was referring to other countries in South Asia.

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  1. R
    Raghu Jayan
    Aug 29, 2017 at 1:37 pm
    Very good decision by two matured nation. Both countries have other issues to be addressed at home.
    1. S
      satender Kumar
      Aug 29, 2017 at 1:01 pm
      There is no question of who lost or who won. But if Chinese media would have adopted a somber at ude and would have not spoken out of proportion, the issue could have been amicably solved long before. Appreciate the way the issue has been handled by Indian Government. Our Government has taken a very matured stand and did not issue any statement, which could have aggravated the situation. Even at this stage, China is still issuing unnecessary statements.
      1. Gurdeep Jolly
        Aug 29, 2017 at 12:54 pm
        Good that China understood the results of its agression soon. China only created enemies in past seven decades I do not believe these Chineses in fact. They are cunning and deciever. Time will show...
        1. M
          M Shukla
          Aug 29, 2017 at 12:53 pm
          The facts: (1) India has withdrawn troops (2) China will continue to patrol with "troops" at Doklam (3) No indication from China that road construction will stop. Conclusion weak PM has capitulated but the paid media will present rosy lies which blind bhakts will consume and then sing and dance in blissful ignorance.
          1. X
            Aug 29, 2017 at 1:17 pm
            you should write any coomment in real name not reel name
            1. Manish P
              Aug 29, 2017 at 1:18 pm
              china has not said it will continue to build roads, also you need to understand there is no clear international boubdry defined between 2 countries its disputed so you cannot claim either ways the fact that Indian troops prevented road building and did not move their ground speaks a lot about india , no previous government has metal to take on China,
            2. P
              Aug 29, 2017 at 12:43 pm
              Kamal Pasha: Is you mother a brothel of Chinese soldiers. If yes, then whatever you have said is right. Hope you sisters are keeping the tradition. Great going!
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